A while back, my good friend Bergmann started doing some videos based on a scenario we thought was very plausible. He has bugged me for about two years now to get “On board” with my own videos, and I finally decided to take the time to start a series. I owe a lot of how this video turned out, to his help and advice on the problems he had when he first started his videos.
The point of this scenario series isn’t the accuracy of the scenario, compared to what you think will happen or what actually happens. It’s not about, “Hey, look at me, I’m a ‘Movie Star’.”. Also, to a lesser extent, it is not about the “Tacticool Gear” used in the video. The primary goal of this first in the series, is to give the inexperienced Prepper or Survivalist, tips, concerning the little things that those of us, who have tactical experience in training and/or the real world, have learned through hard won effort.
Here are a few notes I want to give you ahead of time about this video, concerning questions you might ask, or “advice” you might want to give.

  • The reason I’m wearing a radio headset throughout the video, is because I am scanning both FRS, GMRS, MURS and HAM channels for intel, that can assist me on my travels through a given area. With the headset I have on, I can still hear things around me, with an earbud, I can’t hear out of that ear, and I hate earbuds.
  • I look tired because I am tired. I walked for about an hour and a half (about 4 miles) with that 100lbs, (50 for load bearing gear, 50 for the ruck), before I started recording, because I wanted to look tired. I wanted as much realism as possible, because if it looks made up (a 10 lb. “Nerf Ruck” full of poncho liners, etc.), most will probably blow it off as everything in the vid being BS and unrealistic.
  • I used the defensive weapon (DSA 11″ OSW) I would carry in this situation in real life. I use 30 round mags because I have no other fire support, other than what I’m carrying, and 30 rounds down range, at the outset of an engagement, beats 20, every day of the week. As a “Survival Cartridge” and excepting weight and felt recoil, the .308Win beats .223Rem in every category that shoots back, and some that don’t. Also, if need be, I can use this weapon to collect small game.
  • Finally, I have been using this specific system of load carrying for approximately 14 years. No, you won’t convince me I’m carrying too much weight (do you even “Ruck” Bro?), that I should use your “Special Sauce” chest rig/plate carrier or that I should “Bushcraft” my way to my destination. “Bushcrafting is a hobby in a world that has the extra time to make a bow drill. In the real world, a ferrocium rod is the answer to that survival skill for the prepared individual.  I use practical gear that is durable and reliable, and would not have time in the above scenario to trap animals or collect berries and leaves in the amounts needed to make a difference in my caloric intake numbers.

As I said earlier, I plan to make this into a series. If you get the opportunity, go check out my Buddy’s scenario vids at his YT page. they are well done, and have lots of good info.

"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.