This is some excellent reporting with one exception.

The U.S. is the Varangian Guard for Israel/Russia/China.

We gain nothing from destroying a nation with 80 million people.

Israel, however, doesn’t want to compete with their 7 million citizens against Iran’s 80 million citizens for their piece of the Belt and Road Initiative’s puzzle.

Israel simply can’t compete with those numbers. Iran would sweep all the construction, repair, maintenance, and management contracts.

That would create a new golden age in Iran and 80 million people would quickly turn into 200 million people.

Israel, with the EU, Turkey, NATO, and Russia, would rather make money rebuilding Iran after the U.S. attacks. By the laws of ground warfare, we(the U.S.) would be required to foot the bill for our efforts.

If we were fighting ISIS and AQI as Trump and others claimed; Why did we not ally with Iran?

Also, I never heard anything about General Soleimani killing U.S. soldiers until after the assassination.

But I do remember leaders of dubious moral and ethical character telling us that “Iranians are out to kill us” when I was deployed.

Which I never saw a single piece of evidence proving.