For those interested, please email me to get on the mailing list for the room number and password.

I will send the link for the class around Lunchtime or Supper the day of the class.

For now, Zoom is my classroom of choice.

The user interface is easy to learn and it’s free.

Class will be held at 8PM EST.

I will open the classroom 15-20 minutes early.


I am going to host a bi-weekly, AKA twice a month, training and educational lecture followed by some paper training.

The purpose of this training is to supplement the weekend courses taught by other contributors and authors on American Partisan, Brushbeater, and the Forum.

The schedule and lesson plan is as follows:

We will cover a topic or two, such as Red Dots & Holographic Weapon Sights like we did in the first class. (or Scopes, ACOG’s and Prisms), followed by exercises on windage, ranging, measuring, and how to keep track of good shooting data in conjunction with a proper zero.

The next class is going to be a choice between two class that you can vote on in the comments below.

Class Topic #2 Common acronyms and their uses.

Class Choice #3 Map Reading, Road Marching, Brushbeating, and Land Navigation.

Class #2 will include SWEAT-MC, SALUTE, METT-TC, SALT, 5 Principles of Patrolling, The 7 S’s of Camouflage, IMT’s and a bunch of other terms like the 5 F’s of Field Sanitation.

Or, Class #3 will be on Map reading, Azimuths, tips and tricks for navigating during the day and night, With and Without Night-Vision, busting trails, and patrolling.

Paper Classes are important!

Every single soldier, sailor, airman, and marine sits through dozens of paper classes a week.

This is a requirement to stay proficient.

Paper classes are good primers for anyone getting ready to take a training course, anyone who hasn’t attended a class in some time, or the new and uninitiated. To include top professionals.

Were you SF, SEAL, Ranger, Paratrooper, or Marine in a prior life?

Perhaps you are a regular Joe Doe or simply a wilderness enthusiast?

Maybe you were Army Intelligence or Naval Aviation and you would like to get up to speed on some topics you might not have as much experience with as you wish?


These are great classes to participate in.

We cover the little stuff so you don’t forget.


Heads up to all prospective students and current members enrolled in Green Dragon Academy.

The first two classes are going to be free and open to the public* (*At my discretion), then I am going to set up an official business and begin to charge a membership fee.

This will not only compensate me for my time, which is considerable ( a 1 hour class requires at least 6 hours of preparation, comments and questions, and email management) but will also maintain a level of professional engagement and keep out the infiltrators.

It will also add to the training value, increasing the interest and engagement.


I am also going to make time available for anyone who would like to do private group courses for a nominal and reasonable fee.

Such as your Boy Scout Troop, Neighborhood Defense Redoubt, or for your friends and family.


To maintain a level of professionalism: I will keep all the courses PG-13 and family friendly.

I will avoid using foul language, and police the comments to fight the trolls (Who will be banned after one verbal/written warning)


We had no less than 3 people(Minimum) try to infiltrate the classroom already.

I had a Russian IP, Spanish IP, and Some other U.S. based bot/operatives try to sneak past our security.

We tend to focus on the traitors in the Alphabet Agencies Infiltrating us, but lose focus that there are almost 200 nations on earth, with various governments of dubious moral and ethical motivations.

Including countless Institutions and Private agencies who are up to God only knows what.

It is no small effort on my part to manage, navigate, and mitigate this nonsense.


Green Dragon Academy has been green lit and we are Go! Go! Go!

All classes will be a minimum of 1 Hour, and if anyone would like to cover material that was missed, such as the previous RDS/HWS Class, do not worry. Each course will cover the previous topic, and introduce new material in preparation for the next class.

For instance, we covered RDS/HWS in the first class, with a primary focus on AR 5.56 ballistics. The next one will focus on AK’s and 7.62×39 ballistics and we will perform paper target engagement exercises. A Classroom exercise if you will; Which makes for good homework as well.

Structured the same way as any other classroom environment would be.

We will also cover tricks that can be used. Such as maximizing the effectiveness of your weapon system or optics choice, how to shoot an azimuth properly, foot care, ruck weight management, and literally any other topic.

I am also open to requests for classroom topics.

One such request I already recieved was to include AK ballistics exercises and not simply AR ballistics exercises.

Another request I received was a class on weapons maintenance, inspection, servicing, and cleaning.

And Class 3, 4, or 5 will be on tying knots and their uses.

I hope you join us, this is the best way to stay focused, engaged, and maintain a level of readiness that exceeds 99% of the global population.

In the future we will move on to topics such as radios, small unit tactics, vehicle operations, exploiting your environment to your best ability, and many other topics.

I also will invite the other contributors, writers, and authors of this site to participate as a guests.

This way we can cross train, learn to work as a team with each other, know our strengths and weaknesses, and grow stronger, better, and smarter together.

For the record, nothing cliché will be discussed. Such as race relations, politics, or any other subject that has been beat to death.

I am, however, considering a “Green Dragon Academy Book Club”. We can read a book together and along the way share our thoughts and lessons learned from various topics such as…

-Vikings during the Crusades.

-The Chinese Revolution.

-Farming, Homesteading, Ranching.

-Foraging for food, herbs, medicine.

And hundreds of other revolutionary, religious, or rebellious topics.


For those concerned with security, I have a tutanota email account

[email protected]

And all non-US IPs are already banned from the classroom.

I will rotate the Course Room Number(s) and Password(s).

And I will use common sense as a sorting hat.

Also, all Video/Audio is muted and cut off to protect my students.

You must manually activate your own audio and video.


Please use common sense.

Like electrical tape on your camera, a VPN, and a proper NON “5-eyes” compliant Email address like Tutanota or Protonmail.

Protonmail basic is free, and Tutanota is $1 a month.


I will NOT be recording or reposting any of the classes or materials.

Recording is disabled for anyone who isn’t a host (Which is myself)

And the Powerpoint Presentations are not going to be shared or posted.

This is meant to increase student engagement and to maintain our privacy, anonymity, and security while adding a personal sense of seriousness to our conversations.

Think of Green Dragon Academy as the classwork and lectures you should be doing; but family, friends, life and work got in the way. Which happens to the best of us.

Green Dragon Academy is meant to reinforce what you already know, or educate you on new and useful topics.


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in class!



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