Our next class on Land Navigation, Maps, Tips and Tricks will be TONIGHT Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 at 8PM EST.

If you have not emailed me at [email protected] to join the class, please do so ASAP.

This is the last free class I am doing and we will shift to monthly subscription payment using Patreon.

I haven’t decided an exact price yet, but I set up a Patreon Account, and they will be absolutely affordable.

The Classes will be twice monthly, and I will brief more on that at the end of class tomorrow.

The class will be one hour with a Q&A to follow afterwards.

The Class is on Zoom. Signing up is free, and you can run the program from your browser, you don’t have to download the app.

U.S. IP addresses only; Any foreign IP addresses are blocked on my end to prevent enemy action.

Please have a U.S. IP set on your VPN.


Class materials are the learning standard: Pen, Paper, Pencil, Protractor, Compasses, Maps, Road Map or Atlas. And a U.S. Military “Write in the Rain” book.

And, if you have one, a U.S. Army Field Manual on Land Navigation.

Please have a 550 Paracord supply ready: We are going to make a Ranger Cord or two.

Please have your Protractors Ready: We are going to make string lines.

Please have your Compass Ready: We are going to upgrade the retention tie down.

Please have your Rucksack Ready: We are going to tie down canteens and other gear properly.


If you don’t have any of these materials, Please feel free to join us. We will cover the differences in gear, and what you want to have vs. what is sub par.

The purpose of Green Dragon is to be the Team Leader for American Partisan.

I am going to make sure we have a short standard, are properly squared away, speaking the same language, and our gear is in working and servicable order.


We are also going to dispel the Internet Myths. The guys on Youtube are a bunch of salesmen.

Those are not real soldiers.

They aren’t teaching you anything valuable with the exception of those few Green Berets, and guys like Hawkeye and Bracken, who make great informative and educational content.


I will send out the email tomorrow around lunch time with the course room number (Like a phone number for zoom) and the password for the room.


I am not going to record any of the classes, and the Power Points will not be distributed.

Take good notes!


Leave any questions or comments below.

Thanks For Reading,

I hope to see you in class.


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Welcome American Partisans!

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