This is an updated post from 2018

Carrying spare parts for your weapon is not just a “Nice to have”, it is imperative. The FAL pictured above, carries a number of the lower receiver parts, weapon springs, and all the bolt parts inside the stock tube. Having spare parts for your weapon in your gear is good, having them in the weapon is even more convenient.

My good friend Bergmann and I were talkin’ about parts/survival gear storage locations on the weapons we both use, and I told him that because my Para FAL’s use the M-4 style stock and have no buffer spring, the whole tube was empty, and I use it to carry among other things, spare essential weapons parts. He immediately told me I needed to post something about it, considering how great it is to be able to carry essentials on your weapon, without it having a ton of pouches or extra parts hanging off of it.

Both the Galil Ace and the Para FAL use the M-4 style, hollow tube stock. No buffer spring in it means lots of storage area.

Here it is short and sweet. and in pics.

Storage post07

The space available in the M-4 style stock buffer tube on the Para FAL. Keep in mind, those of you with other rifles which use the M-4 style stock, but require no buffer spring (Example: AK’s) can do the same thing with your rifles.

The original style FAL pistol grip also has some storage space that I put to good use. I store the cartridge adapters, I talked about in this post, in the FAL grip.

Storage post03

Remove the Phillips head screw (The Galil Ace has a hex head set screw) with your multi tool, there is no tension ring like on a regular AR/M-4 style stock needing a special wrench.

Storage post02

There is a hole (red arrow) drilled through the stock tube that the Phillips head screw hole (yellow arrow) lines up with when you’ve screwed the stock in as far as needed, and keeps the stock at the correct position/attitude.

Storage post05

Various essential springs and parts (firing pin w/ spring and complete extractor) on the left side column go into the stock tube. The spare tritium front sight with allen key and a sight adjustment tool go into the pistol grip (bag on right side).


Storage post01

The stock filled with parts and ready to be reattached to the folding mechanism.

Hopefully this post will give you some ideas of how to better utilize the storage space you might have on your weapons to carry extra essential parts you might need. As I said, this one was short and sweet. Listen to this episode of Radio Contra, where Scout and Dane from Gunmetal Armory talk about spare parts for your weapon.

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