This past week, we talked about Common Tasks that everyone in the Army has to show competence in. Yesterday, we discussed the basic Infantry testing done in an Infantry unit which shows they have competence in the tasks they are required to know (All three of these were originally posted at Mason Dixon Tactical within the last three years). Today we’re gonna discuss some of the tactically, applicable Survivalist skills you need to be at least familiar with, if not show some competence in if you are in any level of leadership in your group. In the Army Infantry, level 2 is a Sergeant/(4 man) Fire Team Leader, level 3 is a Staff Sergeant/(9 man) Squad Leader, and level 4 is a Sergeant First Class/(40 man) Platoon Sergeant.

Infantry common tasks level 2-1

Infantry common tasks level 2-2

Infantry common tasks level 2-3

“TLP’s” (Troop Leading Procedures)

Infantry common tasks level 2-4


Infantry common tasks level 2-5

Infantry common tasks level 2-6

Infantry common tasks level 2-7

Infantry common tasks level 2-8

Go through the manual and review the tasks, conditions, and standards for each task. After that, get together with your SHTF friends and practice all that you’ve read about in the last three “Tasks” posts. Don’t let this be just an academic exercise in futility, apply what you’ve learned. There are a few of us at AP that can help you if you get past the “read and apply” type of learning if you desire to get into the field and see how it’s done from those that have used it “real world”.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.