Author: Bryce Sharper

Start a veteran-owned business

For a variety of reasons, many of the military members who read this site are considering leaving the military.  Many of you wonder what you’ll do for a living afterward.  From personal experience, I can tell you corporate culture is mostly-rotten.  There are tax advantages for corporations to hire you, but more often than not you’ll do soul-killing work and be put out to pasture as you approach 50.  Most corporations have cancer.  Many don’t even want to hire Americans.  Wages have also stagnated for the bottom 3/5ths of wage earners for the past 30 years, so corporations are paying as little as possible (and getting it from their employees).  Instead, why not try to start your own training business?  This business can start as a side-gig on nights and weekends and grow to provide full-time income, or you can start full-time right-away since job search can take months.  Either way, as a member of the military, you likely take for granted many skills the that preparedness-minded public will pay to learn from someone with real credibility and experience like you.

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The American’s New Map

JC Dodge recently posted on West Virginia “House Concurrent Resolution 8” which is a wise step by the West Virginia legislature to diffuse a volatile situation created by Mid-Atlantic elites.  We’ve also heard of sanctuary cities and counties for gun owners in Virginia created by Virginians working with their local rules.  A couple of comments are in order.  If you look at the map of the world in 1917, it looks vastly different than the world map today.  Whole countries and empires have risen and fallen in that hundred year period.  Prussia, the Austro-Hungarian empire dissolved after several centuries and the USSR rose and fell much quicker.  Bureaucrats and politicians look at a map and think that their bureaucracy and government are permanent, but nothing in the present evil age is permanent except Christ and his rule over the nations.  Our rulers are mentally stuck in the post-WWII 20th century America with strong institutions and national identity.  Times have changed for everyone else.  We’re now witnessing the re-drawing of the map of North America and a return to regionalism.

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