Author: Bryce Sharper

A Future Worth Creating

What will the future look like after the inevitable dissolution of the United States? Will we live as hunter-gatherers like on Naked and Afraid?  Will we live in the mountains avenging blood feuds like the Pashtuns?  Will our future be a Brave New World ruled by the Silicon Reich where we do drugs to numb our consciences while destroying our minds? We know the vision the Left has for the future and we don’t want it.  The Left is like your one of your friends from high school with whom you had great times but in his early 20s he got into heroin. You know based on his erratic behavior he doesn’t have long but you don’t know exactly which day will be his last.  We on the Right know we definitely don’t want to end up like our heroin-addicted friend but we have no positive vision for the future even though it is obvious that the old system is failing.  

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The Latin American Illegal Immigrant: a powerful 4th Generation Warrior

When viewed through the lens of 4GW, the illegal immigrant is one of the most powerful warriors on earth though he does not use much overt violence. His primary weapon is weakness, which is the biggest weapon a 4th Generation warrior can have because it gathers him numerous allies from our decadent culture without him having to do any work at all. This is a seeming contradiction: he is weak but powerful.

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New options for privacy and security

The two most basic categories of life are “public” and “private.”  For example, in the Western tradition, religion has always been considered public while business was considered private.  Now the Left is trying to reverse the two by saying everything private is public, political, and subject to regulation while everything public like religion should be a private matter, except for their religion of cultural Marxism.   This is especially true technology where tech companies have offered free services where you are their public product.  

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