Author: Bryce Sharper

Conversations on Money

My younger friend wasn’t ready to hear my advice but it was a good reminder on why I shouldn’t give advice unless asked.  I’ve learned most of what I told him by observing the situation of the older men, deciding I wanted something better, and learning how to acquire assets.  Spiritually, this is something of a dangerous game.  How do you build wealth without ending up in the service of Mammon – the Syrian god of wealth and prosperity?

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Fitness through midlife

“How do I achieve fitness without hurting myself in light of aches and pains I already have?” Regardless of your age or current limitations, the elements of fitness are strength, conditioning, and mobility which are enabled by a training program and nutrition (diet).  Training variables such as frequency, intensity, and volume are modified for the trainee’s recovery ability which are affected by age, sex, and persistent pain problems.  

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