Author: Gray Man

The Novelty of Placing our Active Duty Military on our Actual Border.

The US military is currently deploying hundreds of thousands of our young men and women to secure hundreds (if not thousands) of embassies, compounds, bases, forts, FOBs, outposts and camps throughout the world. What would be the square mileage of those areas we currently secure around the globe? I believe that by bringing some of those troops back here and placing them along our 2,000 mile border with Mexico, and putting them there on a combat footing rather than a paper pushing “advise and assist” role, our border crossing could be cut drastically. We are currently rotating the US Army brigades and divisions through combat deployments to Afghanistan (18 years later still). What if we rotated them through combat deployments on our border instead? Same guys, same weapons, same equipment, slightly different mission. We have to keep the cartels off of our border.

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The Army’s two handguns: One shooter’s thoughts on the Glock 19 and the Sig Sauer P320

The Army started issuing the P320 full sized pistol and the P320 compact pistol, referred to by the Army as the M17 and M18 respectively, to the 101st Airborne Division in November of 2017. That said, it goes without saying that the US special operations community has a bit more leeway in their choice of weapons and gear, and in 2015 it was reported that the US Army Rangers, Special Forces groups and 160th SOAR (followed shortly by MARSOC) had chosen to outfit their units with the Glock 19. When the MHS competition was still ongoing, Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, who was base commander of Fort Hood while I was there, elected to allow the SOF community to go with the Glock 19 regardless of the outcome of the competition.

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There is a problem in Hungary, and a problem in greater Europe.

Much of Europe is already at the breaking point. Britain’s prisons are already majority Muslim. Sweden is experiencing near daily grenade attacks. Molenbeek, Belgium is virtually one large no-go zone for white people and police. These are the kinds of situations Hungary, Poland and others are trying to avoid by closing their doors to the masses of foreign asylum-seekers, but the forces of Communism are slowly making progress in these places, the last bastions of Christian Western civilization standing in Europe.

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