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Vater unserer

What do people do in a state that’s breaking down?  Many turn to crime, nihilism, and drugs.  Many flee.  Some build an ark.

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How to defeat video surveillance

No sensing technology is a panacea.  At best, sensing technologies can only extend human senses under certain boundary conditions.  Outside those boundary conditions, they are a hinderance.  Video cameras are a ubiquitous...

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The Benefits of Rucking

If you hate running and want the benefits of cardio for conditioning and fat loss, try rucking.  You can buy 2.5, 5, 10, and 25 lb plates for very little on Craigslist or at Play-It-Again.  You can put a piece of 1×4 in the...

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Fitness through midlife

“How do I achieve fitness without hurting myself in light of aches and pains I already have?” Regardless of your age or current limitations, the elements of fitness are strength, conditioning, and mobility which are enabled by a training program and nutrition (diet).  Training variables such as frequency, intensity, and volume are modified for the trainee’s recovery ability which are affected by age, sex, and persistent pain problems.  

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RF PCB Design Struggle Sessions I

RF design is a black art for several main reasons: textbooks, Smith charts, CAD tools and components.   Academic texts on the topic are expensive, full of mathematical formalism and written by men with no practical experience...

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China: the Wasteland

“There is no need to attack China. It is only necessary to stop building China up. North American and European corporations that have made China wealthy and technically proficient should back away from the bloody beast and...

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