DTG is a retired USAF Senior NCO who currently teaches survival skills, marksmanship, and consults on other interesting subjects to like-minded people in his spare time.

He’s an avid student of history, and enjoys running Defensive Training Group, a well-known, longtime blog.

He also believes each American will face a test of epic proportions in the near future, and the final exam encountered will not allow any ‘do-overs.’  His philosophy on preparedness and training can be summed up with the oft used catch phrase, ‘there are no victims, only volunteers.’

Pre, and Possibly Early SHTF Vest Protection….Affordably

I preface the review of a vest I recently acquired with my thoughts on using vests in a protracted SHTF scenario for preppers/survivalists: Armor in a SHTF situation is the devil in disguise to the average prepper or survivalist, IMHO, having more negatives than...

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Multi-Purpose Tool: Cold Steel ‘Special Forces’ Shovel

As readers have seen by regular perusal of DTG posts, we're ALL about multi-purpose tools, and there's a good reason:  If you can use one solid tool for multiple uses, it means there's one or more things you don't have to have in your ruck.  Makes sense, right?  And...

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Winter Projects Update – Smock Modification

To this point, the mods on the Windproof Smock are going well.  The objective is to make the smock more durable for whatever may come in the field and to prep it for deep winter use.  Yes, it's going way 'old school.'  It wasn't until the early 80's that field...

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Winter Projects – January through March Upcoming

As we're most likely in for some serious activity limiting weather according to some sources, I'm putting together a list of projects that are survival/preparedness related to blend into everything else I want to do to stay motivated during the doldrums of winter. ...

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