JohnyMac and his wife MrsMac of 43-years, have learned the importance of preparedness from the eleven years they spent cruising on their 30-foot sail boat Mad Max, along both coasts of the United States and Canada. He has facilitated countless lectures and workshops on cruising, preparedness, amateur radio, and firearms since 1987.

The Mac’s currently live in a log cabin that JohnyMac, MrsMac, and his brother built in the Endless Mountains of NE Pennsylvania during the fall of 2010. Until recently, the cabin and out-buildings were operated completely “off the electrical grid”. Today a power failure is met with a chuckle, a flip of a few switches, and a nice bottle of wine being opened. It is like nothing happened.

JohnyMac contributes articles on preparedness, amateur radio, homesteading, and firearms regularly to American Partisan, Brushbeater, and his own site, Unchainedpreppers. He is also the co-founder of Navigation Business Solutions, a business consulting firm.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance© is what the Mac’s preach and live by day in, day out.