Kit Perez

Counterintelligence, Privacy, and Tech

Kit Perez is the co-author of Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I, a primer on resistance methods. She’s also a counterintelligence and statement analyst, as well as a longtime political writer on national security, intelligence and privacy/tech topics. She holds a BA in Counterintelligence, a Masters in Intelligence Studies, and specializes in deception detection, HUMINT, and digital surveillance issues. She has written two academic papers on an original concept called MXINT, a hybrid form of intelligence that merges aircraft system data with ‘soft’ data gained from personal interaction with airlines; MXINT predicts when and what maintenance issues can be expected on a commercial aircraft. An advanced form of MXINT is in development and use today.

After nearly a decade in Seattle, Kit packed up and walked away from her corporate life, choosing instead to move to the American Redoubt. Living in the mountains of western Montana, Kit and her gunsmith husband have a small homestead, where they raise a variety of farm animals, grow their own food, and work toward total sustainability.

Kit composes for piano and violin in her spare time.

Maps and Pins Won’t Save You, Part I: Understanding Your AO

In recent years, a disturbing notion has become fashionable; namely, that in order to effectively operate in your area — whether it be due to a societal meltdown of some type or a natural disaster — you need a big map, some brightly colored pins, and a whole bunch of data. Unfortunately, it’s not actually that way, and a lot of people are deluded into thinking it is.

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Not Even Your Hot Tub is Safe From Hacking

The average person might scoff at the idea of a hot tub getting hacked. Who cares, right? It’s a hot tub. People have better things to hack. But let’s look at the “why” for a moment. If I hacked your hot tub, what could I accomplish?

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Anti-Infiltration Part 1 This Weekend

We're starting another round of the Anti-Infiltration classes this weekend, with Part 1 on Saturday night via webinar. If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time and a few seats left. If you HAVE sent a payment in for Part 1, then email me at...

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Protecting Your Farm Animals With an LGD

If you're serious about prepping and/or homesteading, chances are you have some animals on your property. Maybe it's just a few chickens for eggs; maybe you have some other birds as well. You might have a beef steer or heifer, pigs, or even some goats or sheep....

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How to Motivate Your Group Volunteers

We've all been there, in a group where 2-3 people are motivated, working, and "all in," only to find themselves carrying the rest of the members. It's one reason why you'll also hear some folks brag about "not playing well with others" or telling you how they plan to...

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Anti-Infiltration Webinars for January 2019

If you attended Parts 1 and 2, then it's time to get your seat reserved for the final part of this series. If you haven't attended any of them yet, January is a great time to start because I'll be offering the full series again. In Part 3, we'll take all of the...

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