Kit Perez

Counterintelligence, Privacy, and Tech

Kit Perez is the co-author of Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I, a primer on resistance methods. She’s also a counterintelligence and statement analyst, as well as a longtime political writer on national security, intelligence and privacy/tech topics. She holds a BA in Counterintelligence, a Masters in Intelligence Studies, and specializes in deception detection, HUMINT, and digital surveillance issues. She has written two academic papers on an original concept called MXINT, a hybrid form of intelligence that merges aircraft system data with ‘soft’ data gained from personal interaction with airlines; MXINT predicts when and what maintenance issues can be expected on a commercial aircraft. An advanced form of MXINT is in development and use today.

After nearly a decade in Seattle, Kit packed up and walked away from her corporate life, choosing instead to move to the American Redoubt. Living in the mountains of western Montana, Kit and her gunsmith husband have a small homestead, where they raise a variety of farm animals, grow their own food, and work toward total sustainability.

Kit composes for piano and violin in her spare time.

Big Game Cooking – Let’s Hear Your Recipes!

It's that time of year again, when many of us are out looking to fill our freezers for the winter with hunted game. If you've been at it a while, chances are good you already know all the little tips and tricks that go along with cooking things like venison, which is...

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So You Have a Group — Now What?

Groups are all the rage. A lot of people like to identify with some kind of group. It can give them the feeling that they're "doing something," or even fill the validation need. That's not a good or bad thing, it just is. If you've already read about how to recruit,...

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Validation: The Key to Manipulation, Vetting, and More

We talk a lot about core motivators here at AP, and there's a reason for that. Understanding humans -- how they think, what they want, how they're driven -- is absolutely critical. If you know every single thing about your general area but don't understand the people...

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Some Principles for Group Recruiting

How do we get the "right" people? How do we block the bad actors from getting in? As I mentioned in the class last night, recruiting -- or at least, HOW you recruit -- is one of the most critical parts of having a group, but not in the way you think. There are certain...

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Using Past Events as Intelligence Case Studies

One of the most important -- and most ignored -- parts of any process or action is the post-event report and analysis. Whether you call it an AAR, a 3 up/3 down, or just "going over what happened," it's one of the best ways to parse out a given event. What worked?...

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