Think Tanks, so-called ‘Policy Research Centers’, are filled to the brim with overpaid academics who pontificate on things they have no practical experience in. The danger is that they influence policy, and in this case, law enforcement policy concerning domestic security.

Think, for a second, what the real goal of ‘defunding the police’ nonsense actually is?

It is not to remove the social control institution of law enforcement. It is to change the locus of control from the local level to the Federal one. Nationalized Police is the real end goal, and you’re their real target.

Don’t believe me? This came from a DHS bulletin. Authored by Georgetown Professor Bruce Hoffman and Colin Clarke, political scientist for RAND, and was submitted to The Cipher:

The Next American Terrorist
 For decades, America’s primary terrorist threat came from groups based abroad.  Today, a new crop of terrorist actors is emerging from within our own borders. What was mostly a monochromatic threat from Salafi-jihadist groups like al-Qaeda, the Islamic State (IS), and those individuals they sought to inspire, has now become a kaleidoscope with new threats from “boogaloo bois,” white supremacists, neoNazis, shadowy anarchist elements, and the extreme fringe of violent incels-politicized involuntary celibates fueled by a hatred of women.

Although diverse and for the most part unconnected to each other, this often bewildering array of antigovernment extremists, violent misogynists, and left-wing militants share a common objective of disrupting society and in the process, overturning existing norms if not the entire political, social and economic order.

Unlike the identifiable threats we have faced from hierarchically-organized, groups like al-Qaeda and IS, the new emerging groups of individuals are devoid of the command-and-control apparatuses that counterterrorism practitioners typically seek to disrupt. Command and control is the mechanism by which terrorist groups plan, coordinate, and execute attacks and is a key component of the group’s organizational structure.

For the past two decades, the United States has relentlessly targeted the leaders of terrorist groups with decapitation strikes, which has disrupted their organization’s infrastructure, and interdicted their finances. But this new collection of terrorist adversaries possesses few of the attributes that proved so vulnerable to counterterrorism actions.

Thus, bureaucratic organizations with hierarchical leadership structures and clearly-defined objectives have been supplanted by loosely networked movements with amorphous goals that exist across the ideological spectrum that we are only now beginning to understand. Moreover, members of these networks are more susceptible to what terrorism expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross calls “fringe fluidity,” where an experience with one form of extremism can lead to a distinct radicalization pathway and thus, facilitate the movement of individuals from one form of militancy to another. There are several high-profile examples, including Nick Young, the Northern Virginia transit cop who was enamored with both Nazi Germany and the Islamic State. In May 2017, a neo-Nazi turned Islamic State supporter named Devon Arthurs killed his two neo-Nazi roommates because they mocked his newfound zeal for radical Islam after formerly being a member of Atomwaffen.

As Leftists run wild in the streets burning and destroying everything that makes our Nation great, they’re telling the world what they think of you and I, gaslighting the policies that will legalize permanently silencing you. 

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