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Preparedness, Grid-down and Improvised Communications

NC Scout is the nom de guerre of a former Sergeant in the US Army. Serving in Special Reconnaissance and Infantry units across three combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, he actively works to bring those same skills to those devoted to the founding principles of our Republic.

Existing somewhere between Jeremiah Johnson and Jason Bourne, he maintains a deep affinity for Appalachian culture among the Carolina Foothills and rejects the social conventions of modernity in lieu of a more resilient, sustainable lifestyle. Running the risk of being called a neo-Luddite, his home and shop are filled with the aroma of Hoppe’s No. 9 & Sweet’s 7.62, Diesel fuel, craft beer and lard-cured cast iron amid an eclectic mix of improvised radio equipment. He is just as at home in a down-grid log cabin as he is in a downtown coffee shop or taproom, but prefers anytime he can spend in the wild. An avid hunter, tracker, shooter, reloader, and amateur radio enthusiast, his hobbies are all geared toward survival and self reliance and focused on building a resilient community for anything nature or society may throw.

He is the editor of, a blog dedicated to all things preparedness but with a special focus placed upon off-grid and improvised communications. He offers training and consulting both public and private on topics ranging from field communications for the small unit and communities to austere medicine, wilderness resilience, small unit tactics and marksmanship.

To Hell With Wal-Mart!

Its a sign of the times when even Wal-Mart backs away from their base. And while I doubt they'll go the way of Nascar, our buddies over at are picking up their slack. Follow the link and redeem your code for $20 off your next purchase of $200 or more of ammo....

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RTO’s Guide To Connectors

One of the common questions I get before, during and after the RTO Course is "how in the heck do you remember all those different connectors?" Well, the answer is nothing more than repetition- I know them because I'm built so many antennas over the years and needed...

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First Line Kit: Signals and Navigation

You laid out the best plan. Did your homework, picked a great frequency or two, didn't hear any unknown traffic and all the radios worked back at your retreat. The patrol route looked great on the map and everyone in your stick is familiar with the area. But when you...

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San Antonio ICE Office Attacked

As reported by Breitbart, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility was attacked by a gunman yesterday afternoon. This latest move follows a pattern of escalating violence, shifting from mostly vocal protests to direct action. The last attack on an ICE...

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Are There Any Questions?

Its doubtful in my estimation that they'll be a solitary event that people look to as "the one" that brings it all down. More like a slow burn, we're sliding into an unrecognizable state. But for most the underlying "event" in question is a monumental societal shift...

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Arizona Border Recon: One More Item

In a follow up to our last request for aid, Arizona Border Recon has another urgent request. Batteries.   Hey Scout, Thanks for the help again. As I am getting ready for a 7 day op I forgot one of our most important needs. Radio Batteries. Started to charge them...

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