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American Partisan is made up of a team of individual experts in their respective fields. They’ve joined together to provide solid analysis, how-to, and other information for those interested in holding on to Western Civilization.

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Stories that are important–not to the mainstream media, but to those who care about liberty.

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Who We Are

The AP Authors

Jesse James, Senior Editor

Virginia Freemen

Jesse is the Millennial your Gender Studies professor warned you about. Incontrovertibly opposed to neoliberalism and post-modernism, including their roots, on a theological, philosophical, economic and political basis.

His curriculum vitae spans chemistry, biology, law, and western jurisprudence. Juris Doctorate, but escaped mostly unscathed. Recovering libertarian and ivory tower resident. Reluctant monarchist because he reads too much history, and watched CSPAN one too many times. Christian in the vein of Augustine and the Five Solas, advocate for patriarchy, western and Christian tradition, and the nuclear family.

Avid hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman. Described as a ‘food snob’ by those of lesser culinary palates. Lover of old bourbon and old books. Happily married to his favorite redhead…his helpmeet and the one that makes it all worth it. He live in Virginia but will always be a Texan. Jesse’s former works and occasional posts can still be found at Virginia Freeman’s Society.

Mat Bracken, columnist


Matt Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957 and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1979 with a degree in Russian Studies. He was commissioned in the US Navy through the NROTC program at UVA, and then graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training class 105 in Coronado California. He served on east coast UDT and SEAL teams, taking a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut in 1983.

Mr. Bracken left active duty after Lebanon, upon completion of his obligated military service, but he remained in an active reserve status through the remainder of the 1980s. Since then he has lived in Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, Guam and California. In 1993 Mr. Bracken finished building a 48-foot steel sailing cutter of his own design, on which he has done extensive ocean cruising, including a solo voyage 9,000 miles from Panama to Guam and two Panama Canal transits.

Matt is a self-described freedomista who loves ocean sailing for the pure freedom it often permits. He is a constitutionalist who believes in the original intent of the founding fathers of our country. He lives with his family in North Florida and longs for the wide blue ocean.

JohnyMac, Editor/IT


JohnyMac and his wife MrsMac of 43-years, have learned the importance of preparedness from the eleven years they spent cruising on their 30-foot sail boat Mad Max, along both coasts of the United States and Canada. He has facilitated countless lectures and workshops on cruising, preparedness, amateur radio, and firearms since 1987.

The Mac’s currently live in a log cabin that JohnyMac, MrsMac, and his brother built in the Endless Mountains of NE Pennsylvania during the fall of 2010. Until recently, the cabin and out-buildings were operated completely “off the electrical grid”. Today a power failure is met with a chuckle, a flip of a few switches, and a nice bottle of wine being opened. It is like nothing happened.

JohnyMac contributes articles on preparedness, amateur radio, homesteading, and firearms regularly to American Partisan, Brushbeater, and his own site, Unchainedpreppers. He is also the co-founder of Navigation Business Solutions, a business consulting firm.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance is what the Mac’s preach and live by – Day in, day out.

thegrayman, columnist


The Gray Man is Southern born and raised, a Christian American family man, an Army combat veteran (OEF) and former intelligence collector. He is currently an ER nurse and a homesteader living in the rural Deep South, preparing for whatever man and nature can dish out. His original content can be found at

Holy Serf, Columnist

American Partisan

Holy Serf is the nom de plume of a student of the wilderness and an amateur naturalist. He is a retired law enforcement officer with more than 25-years in service.  He served as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, SWAT Officer, Public Safety Diver, and a Crime Scene Investigator.

Prior to his law enforcement career, he served as a Combat Engineer with the 82nd Airborne Division where he deployed to the Middle East and Central America.  He ended his active duty service but reenlisted in his state’s National Guard a week after 9/11 and served as a Combat Medic. He deployed to Iraq in 2003 and later selected to train a battalion of Iraqi ICDC soldiers. After the instruction period was completed, he went back to his unit where they resumed combat operations north of Baghdad and eventually into Mosul. He left Iraq in 2004, having a year in country. He returned to his police department to complete his career.

He has a variety of training by formal instruction in wilderness survival, wilderness medicine, and tracking. He has also held the certifications of Wilderness EMT and Wilderness First Responder.

He holds an FCC Amateur Radio General License and has attended NC Scout’s Basic RTO, Advanced RTO, and SIGINT Courses.

NC Scout, Senior Editor


NC Scout is the nom de guerre of a former Sergeant in the US Army. Serving in Special Reconnaissance and Infantry units across three combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, he actively works to bring those same skills to those devoted to the founding principles of our Republic.

Existing somewhere between Jeremiah Johnson and Jason Bourne, he maintains a deep affinity for Appalachian culture among the Carolina Foothills and rejects the social conventions of modernity in lieu of a more resilient, sustainable lifestyle. Running the risk of being called a neo-Luddite, his home and shop are filled with the aroma of Hoppe’s No. 9 & Sweet’s 7.62, Diesel fuel, craft beer and lard-cured cast iron amid an eclectic mix of improvised radio equipment. He is just as at home in a down-grid log cabin as he is in a downtown coffee shop or taproom, but prefers anytime he can spend in the wild. An avid hunter, tracker, shooter, reloader, and amateur radio enthusiast, his hobbies are all geared toward survival and self reliance and focused on building a resilient community for anything nature or society may throw.

He is the editor of, a blog dedicated to all things preparedness but with a special focus placed upon off-grid and improvised communications. He offers training and consulting both public and private on topics ranging from field communications for the small unit and communities to austere medicine, wilderness resilience, small unit tactics and marksmanship.

JC Dodge, columnist

Mason Dixon Tactical

14 years of Army (Staff Sergeant) Combat Arms (Infantry and Airborne) experience, to included combat service in Iraq as a Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant. Military Occupational Specialties include Infantry, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare), Armorer (Small Arms repair), and Supply (logistics), with supplemental required courses being Airborne School, the Light Fighter Course, and the Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC). Interests include history, as it relates to the pursuit of liberty, firearms, hunting, and survival related training and activities. I am the owner of Mason Dixon Tactical, which was started on July 4th, 2010, to better help the inexperienced patriot procure the needed training, equipment, and guidance for future troubles.

Patriotman, editor/social media

prepper @ large

Patriotman currently ekes out a survivalist lifestyle in a suburban northeastern state as best as he can. He has varied experience in political science, public policy, biological sciences, and higher education. Proudly Catholic and an Eagle Scout, he has no military experience and thus offers a relatable perspective for the average suburban prepper who is preparing for troubled times on the horizon with less than ideal teams and in less than ideal locations.

Bryce Sharper, Columnist

Bryce is a Christian of Calvinist persuasion, a husband, a father of boys, a former naval officer, and an electrical engineer with expertise in remote sensing, electronic warfare, and test and measurement.  He is an advocate of faith, family and community.  He likes the water, amateur radio,  PT, and long walks on the beach.  Bryce has always been a skeptical outsider and contrarian, which explains much of his writing.

Hawkeye, Columnist

UW Gear

Hawkeye (John Ammons) is the co-owner of UW Gear, Inc, premier maker of tactical gear and equipment for those armed citizens working in rural environments. With the input of current serving and former Law Enforcement, Combat Infantry and Special Operations troops, his designs are geared towards working armed in unsupported environments. A former Florida National Guardsman, avid outdoorsman, Patriot and prepper, John tailors his gear to those who know preparedness doesn’t mean emulating the cover of tacticool magazines.


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Advanced discussion and critical thinking on political topics.


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