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American Partisan is made up of a team of individual experts in their respective fields. They’ve joined together to provide solid analysis, how-to, and other information for those interested in holding on to Western Civilization.

01. Breaking News

Stories that are important–not to the mainstream media, but to those who care about liberty.

02. Analysis

How do those stories affect us? What lessons are there, and what do they matter?

03. Actionable

Now that you know, what should you do? More importantly, how do you do it?

Who We Are

The AP Authors

Jesse James, Senior Editor

Virginia Freemen

Jesse is the Millennial your Gender Studies professor warned you about. Incontrovertibly opposed to neoliberalism and post-modernism, including their roots, on a theological, philosophical, economic and political basis.

His curriculum vitae spans chemistry, biology, law, and western jurisprudence. Juris Doctorate, but escaped mostly unscathed. Recovering libertarian and ivory tower resident. Reluctant monarchist because he reads too much history, and watched CSPAN one too many times. Christian in the vein of Augustine and the Five Solas, advocate for patriarchy, western and Christian tradition, and the nuclear family.

Avid hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman. Described as a ‘food snob’ by those of lesser culinary palates. Lover of old bourbon and old books. Happily married to his favorite redhead…his helpmeet and the one that makes it all worth it. He live in Virginia but will always be a Texan. Jesse’s former works and occasional posts can still be found at Virginia Freeman’s Society.

NC Scout, Senior Editor


NC Scout is the nom de guerre of a former Sergeant in the US Army. Serving in Special Reconnaissance and Infantry units across three combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, he actively works to bring those same skills to those devoted to the founding principles of our Republic.

Existing somewhere between Jeremiah Johnson and Jason Bourne, he maintains a deep affinity for Appalachian culture among the Carolina Foothills and rejects the social conventions of modernity in lieu of a more resilient, sustainable lifestyle. Running the risk of being called a neo-Luddite, his home and shop are filled with the aroma of Hoppe’s No. 9 & Sweet’s 7.62, Diesel fuel, craft beer and lard-cured cast iron amid an eclectic mix of improvised radio equipment. He is just as at home in a down-grid log cabin as he is in a downtown coffee shop or taproom, but prefers anytime he can spend in the wild. An avid hunter, tracker, shooter, reloader, and amateur radio enthusiast, his hobbies are all geared toward survival and self reliance and focused on building a resilient community for anything nature or society may throw.

He is the editor of, a blog dedicated to all things preparedness but with a special focus placed upon off-grid and improvised communications. He offers training and consulting both public and private on topics ranging from field communications for the small unit and communities to austere medicine, wilderness resilience, small unit tactics and marksmanship.


Defensive Training Group

DTG is a retired USAF Senior NCO who currently teaches survival skills, marksmanship, and consults on other interesting subjects to like-minded people in his spare time.

He’s an avid student of history, and enjoys running, a well-known, longtime blog.

He also believes each American will face a test of epic proportions in the near future, and the final exam encountered will not allow any ‘do-overs.’  His philosophy on preparedness and training can be summed up with the oft used catch phrase, ‘there are no victims, only volunteers.’

Kit Perez, Senior Editor

Patrick Henry Society

Kit Perez is the co-author of Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I, a primer on resistance methods. She’s also a counterintelligence and statement analyst, as well as a longtime political writer on national security, intelligence and privacy/tech topics. She holds a BA in Counterintelligence, a Masters in Intelligence Studies, and specializes in deception detection, HUMINT, and digital surveillance issues. She has written two proprietary academic papers on an original concept called MXINT, a hybrid form of intelligence that merges HUMINT with commercial aircraft system data to predict maintenance issues.

After nearly a decade in Seattle, Kit packed up and walked away from her corporate life, choosing instead to move to the American Redoubt. Living in the mountains of western Montana, Kit and her gunsmith husband have a small homestead, where they raise a variety of farm animals, grow their own food, and work toward total sustainability. Kit composes for piano and violin in her spare time.

She writes at, and can also be found as @audax0 at

JC Dodge

Mason Dixon Tactical

14 years of Army (Staff Sergeant) Combat Arms (Infantry and Airborne) experience, to included combat service in Iraq as a Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant. Military Occupational Specialties include Infantry, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare), Armorer (Small Arms repair), and Supply (logistics), with supplemental required courses being Airborne School, the Light Fighter Course, and the Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC). Interests include history, as it relates to the pursuit of liberty, firearms, hunting, and survival related training and activities. I am the owner of Mason Dixon Tactical, which was started on July 4th, 2010, to better help the inexperienced patriot procure the needed training, equipment, and guidance for future troubles.

Bryce Sharper

Bryce is a Christian of Calvinist persuasion, a husband, a father of boys, a former naval officer, and an electrical engineer with expertise in remote sensing, electronic warfare, and test and measurement.  He is an advocate of faith, family and community.  He likes the water, amateur radio,  PT, and long walks on the beach.  Bryce has always been a skeptical outsider and contrarian, which explains much of his writing.


UW Gear

Hawkeye (John Ammons) is the co-owner of UW Gear, Inc, premier maker of tactical gear and equipment for those armed citizens working in rural environments. With the input of current serving and former Law Enforcement, Combat Infantry and Special Operations troops, his designs are geared towards working armed in unsupported environments. A former Florida National Guardsman, avid outdoorsman, Patriot and prepper, John tailors his gear to those who know preparedness doesn’t mean emulating the cover of tacticool magazines.

AP Staff

Additional Staff Writers

Minimal Med – A middle-aged surgeon practicing in the Deep South who hopes to survive the Coming Excitement.

F250Doc – A board certified surgeon who seeks to help others prepare for various situations.

Reasonable Rascal – A paramedic and RN who provides timely, real-world medical how-to for the layperson.




What We Do Best


From chickens to farming and graywater collection, from shelters to hunting and butchering, and everything in between.


All things radio, as well as computer/internet.


Small unit tactics (SUT), firearms, ammo, reloading, and much more.


Collection, analysis, counterintel, tradecraft, and the human interface, including group dynamics.

Political Theory

Advanced discussion and critical thinking on political topics.


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