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American Partisan is made up of individual authors and experts in their respective fields. They’ve joined to provide solid analysis, how-to, and other information for those interested in holding on to Western Civilization.

From think pieces to gear reviews, firearms, survivalism, intelligence, communications, homesteading, and everything in between. American Partisan brings the best of the best under one roof and since May 2018 its readership has steadily grown to now averaging over 100,000 visits per month.

An expanding field of experts providing original, actionable content American Partisan is the fastest-growing site for those interested in tactics, communications, survival, intelligence, critical analysis, and more. Professional, work – and family-safe content.

Advertising Guidelines

Please read to make sure you have read our advertising restriction on the Advertising Stipulation and Restrictions page.

  • American Partisan will only allow advertising from highly rated top-quality vendors by our readership.
  • The size of ad’s is strictly enforced.
  • No blinking text or animations, to avoid any annoying distractions from our articles for our readers.
  • No subletting of ads by our vendors
  • Payment through PayPal of 50% of the cost of the ad is do upon signing the advertising order. The remaining 50% is due the first day the ad runs.
  • No ad will be displayed that is not currently paid
  • American Partisan understands that some of our advertisers have overlapping product lines. We wholeheartedly believe in competitive free market economics, so we do not offer any “exclusives”, “non-compete” agreements or “protected territories”.
  • We accept cash-paid advertising. To the best of our knowledge, as of the date of this updated posting (November 1, 2019). The Senior Team at American Partisan are not stockholders in any company we allow to advertise with us or any companies’ products we review. We do however, benefit from sales through the American Partisan Amazon AffiliateⓇ and AvantlinkⓇ programs. If you click on one of our Amazon or Avantlink links highlighted item(s), and then “click through” to order any product from these two vendors then we will earn a modest sales commission.


Stipulations & Restrictions

Our stable of lawyers are finishing this section up. Stay tuned for pages and pages of Stipulations & Restrictions…

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