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Welcome to our site. It is our hope that this will be the only time you have to refer to these guidelines, and forgive us for belaboring points civilized people would find obvious.

Below are listed UNCONDITIONAL and INFLEXIBLE rules of conduct. The entire editorial staff both understands and supports your First Amendment rights. However, the guarantee of unrestricted speech refers to the relationship between a citizen and an organ of the state, not a private enterprise. Simply put, the arguments for any First Amendment rights to comment here are legally untenable and logically fallacious.

Regardless of the topic, the choice is binary. Conform to the guidelines below, or you will receive a single warning and upon a second infraction, lose the privilege. The nature of comments requires us to use our judgment, which is a modified version of the obscenity test outlined by SCOTUS in Miller v. California. If you wish to dispute a decision made, then email us at

We also reserve the right to delete any user account we deem as spam. This includes domains referring to products for sale, email addresses from known spam domains, and other accounts exhibiting behavior we find to be detrimental to the environment and discussion on our site.

All comments are moderated. While we attempt to read and approve comments several times a day, it may be 24 hours in some cases before we can get to them. If you do not see your comment after a few hours, wait. Repeatedly posting your comment will earn you an automatic ban.

01. Stay On Point

Comments should be related to the post or topic at hand.

04. Excessive Length

Comments should be less than 250 words.

02. Racist invective

Use of excessive profanity and racial slurs is prohibited.

05. Doxxing

Releasing personal information (address, phone, etc.) about another person will result in banning of your IP.

07. Links in Comments

Links may be removed from comments at the discretion of the editors.

03. Ad Hominems

Attack the position, not the person. Ad hominems are boorish and beneath this site.

06. Threats

Specific threats of violence toward another person are prohibited.

The quote below should be considered the guiding principle behind our comment policy. At American Partisan we demand more of our staff, our authors, and you, the reader.  The internet is rife with places where reason, logic and manners are shouted down and drowned out by the base, the obscene, and the ignorant. The editorial staff makes the solemn promise to you that this will not be one of those places.
If you are banned from this site, not only will you lose your ability to comment, but you’ll also lose your ability to access the site at all. Keep that in mind when commenting.
“We have but one rule here, that every man conduct himself as a Gentleman.”
Robert Edward Lee to the matriculating freshman class of Washington College, 1865