January 2020

Episode I:  NC Scout discusses parallels between the Chechen resistance against the Russian Army to Appalachian folk and the potential future fight against a standing army in the Appalachian region.

Episode II:  NC Scout discusses recent events and covers the foundations of preparedness communications with the license free options, the basics of amateur radio, and the equipment needed to get going.

Episode III:  NC Scout discusses the continuing deteriorating situation in Iraq and Hezbollah’s reach inside the US. Next we cover the concept of the guerrilla sniper, building off concepts Matt Bracken has talked about recently in Virginia as well as a better small unit model for Guerrillas.

Episode IV:  NC Scout discusses the insanity that is the Leftist reaction to the very justified killing of Iranian General Soleimani and traces the background of the Obama Administration’s support of Hezbollah. Tactical communications and in particular, a basic rundown of digital handheld radio options are discussed. Finally, a couple of questions from a reader are answered along with a commentary on the UN Disarmament position listed for the NYC HQ.

Episode V:  NC Scout discusses the logistics information from the VCDL concerning the 20 January protest as well as the latest from Project Veritas capturing a senior Bernie Sanders campaign staffer claiming that all Trump supporters will go to gulag camps for re-education. After that, notes on leadership in preparedness groups and voluntary organizations is discussed based on personal examples.

Episode VI: NC Scout explains why the Richmond rally is not a victory for anyone and is likely counter-productive in the long run. What will happen when those laws are still passed? Then he answers a detailed question from a reader about different weapon setups for different roles and a bit about JS8Call.

Episode VII: NC Scout discusses a piece from Jacobite Magazine illustrating organizational notes from the Left, then discusses the story of Radio Venceremos in El Salvador’s civil war and how this would look at the local level for prospective guerrillas in other regions. Unity is strength.

Episode VIII: NC Scout discusses what we currently know about the Wuhan virus, items of interest from Shot Show, and a lengthy discussion on the AK. Music: Cavalera Conspiracy “Warlord” Sepultura “Chaos AD” Sponsors: Palmetto State Armory Ammo.com Ranger Up Gunmag Warehouse

February 2020

Episode IX: Returning after a brief hiatus to focus on training, NC Scout covers the cure he’s found to the Corona Virus, why General Ripper wasn’t wrong, Rosenburg 2.0: Harvard’s BioChem Department Chair spying for the Chinese, and a great reader question regarding the Kalashnikov.

Episode X: NC Scout discusses his thoughts on the ‘common man’ approach to gear and talks about what makes up his everyday carry.

March 2020

Episode XI: NC Scout discusses the latest on Corona, a long segment on localism concerns & off grid cooking for communities, and answers an important question from a reader on urban prepping

Episode XII: I’m joined by Navy SEAL and best selling author Matt Bracken for a couple of hours, discussing the ongoing issues with Covid -19 and what a societal regression might look like. Other topics covered include sustainable living, leadership among small groups, sanitation, and what would happen in the long term when efforts at internal stability operations fail. Finally, we have a short discussion on his inspiration for writing, how his characters are created, and what sets his novels apart from others in the genre.

Episode XIII: I cover today’s stock market slide, COVID-19’s continuing impact and why you shouldn’t panic but rather charlie mike- continue movement. Then we move into recruiting new members for preparedness groups in a more effective way and answer some reader questions.

Episode XIV: NC Scout is joined by Matt Robertson of Everyday Marksman. We discuss approaches to preparedness as civilians versus when we were in the military, individual stories of survival, the training market and how a civilian should approach their training paradigms.

Episode XV: “Who capitalizes on chaos?” A large number of intersecting factors are painting a disturbing picture for the second, third, and even fourth order effects for the near and long term future. AntiFa in NC has given us a preview of things to come when civil unrest begins to become more widespread. The picture is of the flag at the NC Governor’s Mansion, ripped down and burned.

Episode XVI: I’m joined by MechMedic, former Marine and current combat medic, to talk about primary treatment of battlefield trauma and what actually goes in an Individual First Aid Kit, or IFAK.

Episode XVII: I discuss the continuing fallout from the Chinese COVID-19 virus on American society and the apparent vanishing civil liberties while asking what might come next.

April 2020

Episode XVIII: I’m back on the air after a short hiatus with a few peeks behind the curtain here at AP and a long interview with my friend and bladesmith Mark Cutright on survival knives, survival knowledge, and just good conversation.

Episode XIX: I discuss the continuing silliness that is the so-called lockdowns and the destruction to the economy and the worthless counterprotesting “health care workers” to the hard working Americans just wanting to get back to work and stop the infringement on literally every right we recognize as Americans. I also talk about the realities of bartering versus prepper-nonsense I’ve seen elsewhere.

June 2020

Episode XX: NC Scout discusses the ongoing civil unrest and what the larger picture really is. One of the indicators is the electronic warfare that’s been conducted against both the Chicago and NY Police Department communications systems. Last, a real-world community defense scenario is discussed. They’re coming to you, rural America.

Episode XXI: NC Scout discusses the ongoing civil unrest and the deep state actors in the military who’re behind the communists in their revolution. He also discusses the need for night vision and setting a weapon up for using it.

Episode XXII: I discuss the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, also known as CHAZ, proving anarchists of any hyphen are morons and why you should be not just armed but well trained. I also discuss India vs. China and China’s moves on their entire region and why that matters,the real goal of defunding the localized police, how we’re going to be framed as the new boogeyman for a Biden Presidency.

July 2020

Episode XXIII: NC Scout gives his take on the war being brought to your front door, the McCluskey incident and the real ambush they walked into, and finally, why using tracking and locator apps in a non-permissive environment is idiotic at best, along with anyone who advocates it.

August 2020

Episode XXIV: I discuss the umbrella of leftist organizations at work today and in a different way than you’ve probably understood them. Next I discuss the Go-To Carbine theory of use concerning the guerrilla. Last I discuss the state of the training industry and why so many great trainers out there give me hope for the future- and why it should you as well.

Episode XXV: In this episode I cover the blast in Beirut, the domestic connections between the Left and Hezbollah, more on the ‘woke’ state of the US military, some practical training notes on communications and more on non-tactical vehicle considerations.

Episode XXVI: I take questions from listeners ranging from secure email options, internet privacy, communications in an austere or non-permissive environment, a long discussion on getting started with the Kalashnikov, and finally, comments on the bumper music rotation.

Episode XXVII: I cover the underlying symbology and argument of Biden’s speech at the DNC Convention and then cover questions from our readers as well as commentary from Matt Bracken. The loyalty of Generals and their staff to the Union, prioritizing basic preps, being a grey man in a non-permissive environment, and getting squared away in the S6: communications field.

September 2020

Episode XXVIII: I discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse and Jay Bishop incidents and how there’s a real war going on out there. Next I discuss my thoughts on the Century Arms VSKA AK as used in my last Fighting Kalashnikov Course, as well as notes on footwork and fighting to your feet.

October 2020

Episode XXIX: Back on the air! I discuss the courses out West, the current goings on, why social media (all of them) are especially dangerous right now, and the need for localization. There is not some national-level answer that’s coming. You have to do it.