The RTO Course is coming to Ravalli County Fairgrounds in Hamilton, Montana to service the Redoubt Region. There’s three back to back dates to take advantage of:

  • 8-9 September
  • 15-16 September
  • Advanced Class: 13-14 September

Class cost is $300 in advance, $350 at the door. The advance cost requires a $50 deposit sent before 15 August:

The Order of the White Rose

610 N. 1st St., Ste. 5-209

Hamilton, MT 59840
Make sure you include a good email address and the class date in the deposit (and a heads up to my inbox: [email protected]) so we can send you a confirmation. If you’re serious about training, the deposits need to be made ASAP. I’m not interested in lip service or verbal commitments. Making this class happen is incurring a serious financial cost out of pocket. Its either worth my time or it doesn’t happen- I don’t run a charity.


The last NC dates for 2018:

  • RTO: 14-15 July
  • RTO: 11-12 August
  • First Line Course: 29-30 September
  • RTO: 13-14 October
  • Advanced RTO: 27-28 October

A description of the the RTO and First Line Courses can be found here. The Advanced Course picks up where the RTO Basic Course leaves off, with training focused on:

  • Advanced SOI/CEOI Planning
  • Planning & Coordinating Transmitting Sites/Directional Transmitting
  • Uses of Resistors and Constructing Directional Wire Antennas
  • Data Bursts
  • Advanced HF techniques
  • Basic Signals Mapping and Communications Intelligence

Barring any more private training dates, this is it for 2018. There *may* be a couple one day workshops added at a reduced cost, focusing on observation skills and intermediate range (0-500) marksmanship, mission planning, defensive considerations and coordinating teams in the field, and basic signals collection/intelligence. Feel free to contact me for more details.

Again, this is it for 2018. Things appear to be ramping up as far as rhetoric and action goes from an increasingly unhinged Left. What are you doing today to be better tomorrow?

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