Current Sitrep: Bands are making landfall with minor flooding in Bogue Inlet and the New Bern area. Although downgraded to a Category 2 at its center, the size of this storm (560mi) will affect the entirety of NC and SC after making landfall, carrying with it heavy rains and wind. The storm is projected to move south through SC and then cut north, affecting the Blue Ridge region. This very well may change due to a disturbance in the Ohio river valley.

Right now the Hurricane Watch Net, WX4HNC is active. 14.325 USB and 7.268 LSB. Keep these frequencies clear for relief traffic. For those that can, any volunteers will be highly appreciated. AmRRON will also be on the air providing support to the substantial relief effort. Those operating the Net Control Stations have their instructions; for everyone else, defer either to the designated ARES repeater in your county, 146.52mHz &  446.0 mHz (national simplex frequencies for amateur radio) and be sure to monitor the Channel 3 project for everyone else.

As the current track suggests, this storm will affect the Blue Ridge similar to the storms of 2004, causing flooding and mudslides. The majority of the focus gets placed on the coast but this storm will have widespread damage as it travels inland.

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