In the wake of Hurricane Michael, the Oathkeepers have put out an urgent request for amateur radio operators to support the recovery effort. In a large portion of Panama City Beach, cell phone service and other forms of communications have been heavily damaged- the infrastructure that can be created through the use of mobile and portable units not needing much else is vital. From Oathkeepers website:

Attention all HAM radio operators:  We need HAM operators to help in Bay County, FL (Panama City, Mexico Beach, etc.). Cell phone signal is very poor and sometimes non-existent. Power is still out for most of the area. We would like to increase communications capabilities in the hard hit Florida Panhandle during the disaster relief period.

You DO NOT have to be a member of Oath Keepers to volunteer for this.

The request is for HAM operators who can be totally self-sufficient and self-sustaining for seven days in an area that has been nearly totally devastated by the hurricane. That means you need to roll in ready to operate your radio on your own in a place without power, out of your vehicle or, at best, in an improvised station. Be prepared to operate entirely on your own, when it comes to shelter, food, water, fuel, batteries, light, solar charger or generator, etc.

We do have a local business shop owned by an Oath Keeper that we will be using as a rally point/base of operation for the Panama City area, and a local residence that can provide good well water, but please bring some backup bottled water just in case you are sent to another area, and please bring your own water containers to fill for your own use. And please understand you will likely be tasked with going out into another area to provide emergency comms and you cannot count on being able to sleep in that shop. Be ready to use your own tent or tarp for shelter, or to sleep in your vehicle.  If you have a cot, it is strongly advised you bring it. See our general CALL TO ACTION for other recommend gear.

NOTE:  If you cannot come in person to help, please donate to help us with fuel and other expenses for our volunteers. The fuel bill alone will be significant.

If you can give them a hand, it will go a long way. The recovery effort is already a giant undertaking and communications support will be vital to the effort.