Black Friday was a big success in helping American Partisan out in our goals for 2020- not because of us- but because of you, the readers, the team out there making it happen in the real world. From me and the rest of the team here, we appreciate that more than you realize. There’s a lot of options out there in our market, and the fact that you’re hanging with us means the world. Our goals for 2020 are to provide the absolute best content of its kind, anywhere, on the net or in print media. American Partisan can deliver content in an interactive way that no other medium can provide- written, video and soon, podcasting- to give the American Patriot a platform like never before. And its all because of you.

Here’s a list of our advertisers and affiliates:

Arms n Ammo:

Storable Food & Medical:

Outdoors Supplies:

Looking Cool While Doing It:

We cast the net wide on advertisers and these are the companies who believed in us- and you- enough to advertise with us. Many turned us down, said we ‘weren’t their market’ or that ‘our values didn’t match theirs’; that’s fine. We’d rather it be that way. We won’t tell you their names but I will say that the number of companies we reached out to not working with us pales in comparison to those who are- a subtle reflection of the sleeping majority fed up with the direction of things and fearful of a future amid unhinged leftists. I chose to do business with those who support Americans who love America- a great America- the rest can keep the change.

And so far by the response, I think y’all do too.