Starting today you can download images from the ISS (International Space Station) each time it passes over your AO till January 1, 2020. You just need a 2-meter radio, computer with the MMSSTV software downloaded, and a mic hooked up to your computer.

I use a little different set-up that is easier and automatic which is a 2-meter digital radio, a data cable from the radio to a modem like a Signalink or Riggblaster, and another data cable from the modem to the shack’s computer. Set the radio to 145.800 Mhz, turn the modem on, and launch the software in your computer. Then walk away to let your set-up do its job automatically.

For more information check out ARISS-SSTV images site. If you are going to hold a mic to the speaker of your radio when the ISS is within range check the Heavens Above site.

I use the MMSSTV software however there are others.

JohnyMac’s set-up: Signalink on top of my Kenwood TM-V71A radio, and Toughbook laptop.

Events like these give the radio operator an opportunity to test not only their equipment by their skills.

73 & Have fun!

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