Just finished a three day intelligence course in the northeast. Had a huge amount of fun but more importantly, got the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the nation. This review comes from GunnerDog, a former member of the ASA and a man with a strong background in intelligence operations:

Intelligence Collector Operations:

Having just completed this class I cannot recommend it high enough for those looking to use technology to gather and exploit radio traffic in their A.O. Between the lecture and field exercises we got to see –

– what works on paper and what works in the field

– how to monitor and intercept traffic quickly

– what options are available to the operator to make the most of those signals

– whether indoors or operating out in the field – your equipment will need to adapt

– the use and training on one-time pads

– the use of OSINT tools to gather information

– field trade-craft to better enhance your situational awareness

All done with with a great instructor who is teaching from experience and classmates willing to help and share their equipment and experience too. Five stars!