Coming from a reader, there’s an interesting project brewing in Ireland utilizing social media against AntiFa through setting up a pseudo-operation to draw them in. The wonderful thing about social media is that most utilize it to get what they want to hear, reading only what they agree with, and volunteering information to anyone who satisfies those two primary requirements.Setting up a phony twitter account that simply mirrored the common Leftist talking points, with the real goal of exposing the depths of the linkage between the media and their communist action arms.

Put politely, antifascism is the euphemism given to the work done to destroy the lives of people with right leaning sympathies. While traditionally associated with left republicanism, it is these days more often than not linked to Ireland’s ubiquitous NGO complex, as well as well-funded activists heavily networked within the world of journalism, politics and the private sector.

Sounds much the same as the corruption in contemporary American academia. There is no such thing as freedom of speech or even thought. Nearly everyone working in that field, regardless of discipline, constantly faces rebuke or even outright shunning if not towing the official Gramscian line- that of fostering the Marxists of tomorrow.