About one and a half hours before Thursday night’s Presidential debate, Tony Bobulinski, former business partner of Hunter Biden, had a seven-minute news conference. He stated to the press that 1) Joe Biden did accept millions of dollars in bribes from China. 2) He knows this firsthand because he was involved with Hunter Biden in the exchange and personally spoke with Joe Biden 1:1 about this and other transfers of moneys to him and the Biden family. The audio is poor so turn up your speakers.

To add to the above video of the news conference (Probably will be taken down by YouTube) here is a link to the New York Post article authored by Ebony Bowden and Steven Nelson titled, Hunter’s ex-partner Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden’s a liar and here’s the proof.

This excellent article is just one more nail in Joe Biden’s coffin…Or is it?

The only folks covering this scandal seem to be the New York Post, FoxNews, and publications like American Partisan.

Bill O’ Reilly reported earlier today, that on a conference call with the MSM (Mainstream Media) outlets Monday and a ‘K’ street Democrat advisory firm. The firm’s recommendation was to handle the Biden Scandal as uncorroborated at this time so “we will not covered it” at any great length.

Bobulinski’s statement is the third revelation coming out of the ‘Biden Scandal’ with the first being Hunter Biden’s laptop. The laptop  contained over 50,000 emails between him and his business partners, heavy hitters in China, Russia, some ‘Stans’, members of his family along with sketchy pictures of himself. Then another business partner of Hunter, Bevan Cooney, shared his 26,000 emails involving the Biden’s with China, Russia, and a few Stans this past Monday. You can read more about this additional nail in my article titled, It’s Not About Hunter – It Is About Joe.

How is the news about this scandal going to get out since the MSM is not going to do their jobs? We are witnessing the death of the Fourth Estate.

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