The true role of mainstream media becomes more apparent with every passing day. As dominant industry players attempt to solidify their monopoly over “truth,” objective reporting falls under increasing attack. That’s why Libertas Bella is proud to join American Partisan’s mission.

The mainstream media is becoming increasingly hostile toward independent news sources. Large corporations will not sponsor the efforts of reporters who fail to parrot the approved narrative, and banks and online money transfer services are beginning to deplatform “rogue” websites at an alarming rate. 

In short, American Partisan is under attack. That’s why we are grateful for the support of our generous readers, as well as companies that aren’t afraid to back the real reporting that matters to you.

American Partisan is proud to introduce Libertas Bella as our newest advertiser. Founded earlier this year, Libertas Bella is an independent, American-owned clothing retailer that caters to those who love freedom and liberty.  

Like AP, Libertas Bella deals in ideas that have been pushed out of the mainstream media’s aggressive narrative. Their T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and long sleeves let Americans celebrate cherished historic icons, great libertarian thinkers, and the all-important Second Amendment.

We encourage you to visit our newest advertiser’s site to browse exclusive clothing and accessories. Our readers who observe as the country continually devolves into an Orwellian nightmare state will appreciate Libertas Bella’s 1984 collection. Those who were prudent enough to stock up before the ongoing ammo drought will want to visit the range wearing a Working Man’s Hedge Fund or 9x19mm Parabellum shirt. And we know of no other place where independent thinkers can find clothing bearing the likenesses of greats such as Rothbard, Friedman and Hayek.

And in honor of Cyber Monday, Libertas Bella is now offering a sitewide discount of 20% for American Partisan readers. Simply use the coupon code: AP at checkout to claim the discount or click the link here and it’ll be automatically applied. 

NOTE: The discount is only good until 12:00am EST tonight!

There’s no better time to discover this “‘safe space’ in an increasingly totalitarian world.”

As Libertas Bella so aptly puts it: “The simple act of wearing an expressive T-shirt may soon be labeled a thoughtcrime.”

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