Signal is having some technical difficulties, according to Reuters via their Chief Operating Officer.

“We have been adding new servers and extra capacity at a record pace every single day this week, but today exceeded even our most optimistic projections.”

Reuters attributes this to changes in terms of service with WhatsApp, a common messaging service, but I contend there’s more to the story. Much more.

It was showcased two days ago via the Guardian that Zello, a common peer-to-peer messaging service for cell phone users, was being used during the Capitol Hill invasion last week. The App, which has been subject to major data breaches in the recent past, exposing users’ personal information, has been called on the carpet for its role in embarrassing the halls of power. The App itself requires cell service to function- in this era anyone advocating the use of a cell phone over off-grid means of communication is either an idiot or setting you up for failure. Especially those who should know better. Maybe the CIA taught them different. I digress. If there’s any doubt, there is no doubt.

Many people are making the jump to Signal due to its ease of use, but also due to its flexibility. As I’ve discussed on Radio Contra, the app itself can be downloaded and installed absent any Google interference– on a wifi-only tablet it enables communications absent any of the ways our favorite entitled tax sponges like to track people.

Make no mistake- Signal is not perfect and one of its imperfections is being showcased right now. On top of that, it requires a phone number to register, which in turn announces to everyone in your contact list that you also have the app- which is a major liability. But as every tool has its use, so does Signal. If you’re going to use it, having a spare phone number from My Sudo helps. And remember to sanitize your tracks- set the messaging to delete after a specific number of minutes, which occurs on both ends.

Finally, do the damn work and learn a lesson or two- quit using cell phones when it matters. That’s the first avenue of approach for the security forces. The path of least resistance is going to get your nuts crushed, and quit making excuses for people who won’t take the time to learn to do it right.

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