The AK-47/74 is a robust animal. I don’t own one personally, but most of my friends have several(Read as: half a platoon’s worth). If you have a couple AK’s and several thousand rounds of ammo, you just may need to replace a few parts, contrary to popular belief. The AK is like any other mechanical device; It will need some “TLC” from time to time. You can also upgrade your rifle during these periods of increased ammo prices. The following is several hundred dollars worth of upgrades and parts you need to have, or should have, or may want to consider. I like the “Extra Power Recoil Spring”. If you have an AK that’s been sitting for 30 years or so, or a parts kit AK of dubious origin, you might consider replacing the main springs, and smaller springs with an American made copy. If you are a practiced student of the AK, you will notice a difference with the extra power spring.

The quality is there and the parts are worth the peace of mind. For the price of a couple boxes of 9mm, a tank of gas, and a cheap trip to the grocery store you can really take your AK to the next level. Not a bad deal…

Remember, a clean, well oiled weapon works better. Always. And the parts last longer. Plus, whenever you disassemble your weapon, you are also inspecting it for proper wear, foreign debris, and loose parts. 


Front Sight Tool:
Check your make and model in the description for the rear night sight linked below. 
Night Sight Front Sight:
Kensight MFG Windage Adjustable Night Sight:
I enjoy this Krebs Safety. It works nicely and is well made. Necessary? No. But it’s quite nice! This is the best of all the enhanced AK safeties I have seen. It’s a solid piece of stamped and riveted steel.
Krebs Enhanced Safety:
I have shot a couple AK’s with 15% extra power springs. They have a nice, smooth recoil. Never seen a malfunction. Picks up that first round after a mag change real nice! Locks up real well! Make sure you select the Xtra Powerspring and not the regular one. There are two listed.
15% Extra Power Recoil Spring:
Extended Magazine release:
Below is the basic fixed stock Magpul Set. You will want to pick up a Magpul check riser, I would get
the 3/4 inch riser listed below. This stock set easily takes a pound off the rifle. You are hard pressed to find a better way to lose a pound off your AK rifle, or any rifle.
Magpul Stock Set:
3/4 Inch Cheek Riser:
A nice little spring kit:
N.C. Scout’s Recommended The “Pin Keeper” (Out of Stock: Hit Notify):

Don’t forget to regularly clean, oil, and inspect your weapons.