My college, and many others last week, has mandated vaccinations against Covid-19 to attend the Fall Semester. This has been a discussion for a few weeks. And sure, a few colleges “mandated” the vaccine. But when Maryland says they’ll do something, they mean it’s “MANDATORY”.

If you are not vaccinated, you will not be allowed on campus to work or study.

This vaccine is experimental and has no FDA approval. That’s not a big deal, (Incoming Hot Take)

I am fairly certain the Vaccine is Safe and Effective (Personal Opinion). But that’s not the topic right now.

The issue I have is that there was no law passed. No discussion. No committees, hearings, or legislation. Nothing.

What bothered me the most is how this came about at the same time across 30 or more different campus systems. I don’t need to be told that Maryland is ruled by tyrants and I am deep behind enemy lines.  I’m well aware who, and what, controls my life in Maryland.

That doesn’t surprise me.

What surprises me is that somewhere, behind closed doors, 30 different campus groups met last week, or the week before(Or sometime in the past) and they all decided that they make the law about what goes into my body and yours.

The American State and Federal legislative branch is as dead as the justice system and education system.

In a few years, these students will graduate and become FBI agents, Cops, Social Workers, Corporate workers, and Soldiers. They will have no idea how legislation and laws are made. Or what even is the point of the 3 branches. At that point, you, the guy or gal who shops for groceries at the same market as them, will be the threat and you will NEED the vaccine.

Our country is splitting in more ways than race, politics, or economic ideology. We are simply two different people. One believes things were fine as they were, and the other believes you can legislate prosperity, equality, and social tranquility. And, now, apparently healthcare.

I was raised my whole life being told by textbooks, television, and the movies that “The Nazi’s are bad because they made people get vaccines and delousing”. Just this year alone I took a Theater 101 class to fill an elective requirement and a 400 level class on Viking History and the first 2 weeks of each class was “Hitler and Nazi’s are bad” Vikings and white overrepresentation on screen is white supremacy.

Does that even make sense? What the %&*# do Nazis, Hitler, Vikings, and History of Theater 107 have in common?

What a joke.

Except, I’m not laughing anymore. It’s not funny like it was in 2015.

Curiously, my classes this semester are only 20% of their normal capacity. I have two classes with less than 5 people(way less…) and only one that is above 15. My classes used to be more than 20-30 students consistently. I take popular classes too. Classes with waiting lists.

This is curious to me and I have been scratching my head over it for a few months. Either we kicked out the foreigners, cut the funding for brain dead retards pretending they are “Higher Level Learning Material”, or many people moved out of state and went to a less Diverse system. Which I highly suggest if you have kids who are considering college. There is no reason to pay a small fortune to people who hate you so you can have less of a dating pool and a dysfunctional campus experience.

If I take a class with 40-50 people, only 2-3 of them are whites who are in shape, work hard, and can actually speak proper English. The rest are fat, foreign, and/or hate white people without exception. I get called “Colonizer” in class. Despite the fact that my ancestors were forced to immigrate here for a dozen reasons.

I mean seriously… What do these idiots study all day? Mental Gymnastics 123?

I never considered this to be important until the veil was lifted right after I stepped foot on campus 4 years ago. I wish I had gone to school in Iowa, Nebraska, or Idaho, where it’s 90% white. I would have had a much, much better experience I am sure. Minus the fact that the education system across the country is standardized I would assume it would have been a more welcoming experience. I could be envious of the grass on the other side of the fence, but regardless, only having a campus that is 10% like me wasn’t fun. In fact, it was the exact opposite of fun.

Baghdad was Fun.

Maryland is D.C.’s front lawn.

Perhaps the reason for the low attendance this year is that no-one is applying for college anymore after the last 5 years of BS? Or perhaps they are avoiding anything with less than 85% white populations? Tech school in North Dakota is probably more fun than Maryland’s education system.

BTW, I have seen the South African ANC recruiting on my campus. We have “Socialist” clubs, Anarchist Clubs, LGBTQ clubs, “Healthy Sex Clubs(Swingers)” and a single “Christians on Campus” club that spends all day long paying tribute to the previously mentioned clubs(Who hate Christians…) We also have drug dealers on campus who serve no other purpose than to play sports and sell drugs to your sons and daughters. The “Student-Athlete” programs are a joke and don’t even reflect the sports talent in our country. It only is a reflection of diversity funding and back handed closed door selective tactics. I was the top 5 fastest dude out of 250 kids and didn’t get a dime for college, or any scholarship money, and had to join the Army.

Where is the national discussion and mandate to ban foreign political parties who sing anthems about murdering white farmers and stealing their land?

Why are obese idiots on the sports teams who are functionally retarded. I cannot convey to you how truthful that last statement is. They never read their books or come to class. They can barely speak English coherently in many cases and their writing is incomprehensible. Period. Their authorship is a mix between rap music, ebonics, and a shorthand text message. Plus copy and pasted material from Wikipedia. Every paper they write is “White people are racist”. Racism this, or racism that.

Every in class presentation is “Systematic Racism”.

Anyway, I am glad I didn’t get accepted into any STEM programs I applied for in favor of our foreign students who pay the full tuition. I loved being called racist and treated like a second class citizen on campus for 4 years wasting my time. I at least thought I’d meet my wife, network, or make some friends. Never happened. Lefties don’t want to be friends with Righties, and dating(Courtship) is dead for a hundred reasons.

College was awesome. And by “Awesome” I mean that this country is headed for a hard, long Civil War.

2 weeks to slow the spread guys. Two Weeks.” – Dr. Fauci


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