Curiously, I commented on the forum recently that it would appear we are building our own Belt and Road Initiative in the U.S. Our infrastructure is RAPIDLY growing and improving. I eagerly await my annual summer road trip in my race car.

Over the last 3-4 years, I have witness a ridiculous amount of road improvement and upgrades to our infrastructure during my drives around the country. Specifically on I-70 and I-80. I have heard similar reports from other major highways.

We are adding traffic circles, eliminating toll booths, fixing bridges, and expanding highways from 2 lanes to 4 lanes. We are also improving the surfaces of roads to make travel more fuel efficient and do less damage to your vehicles and less wear to tires.
All of these improvements save time, resources, and consequently, money. So we can spend it on other things. Like recreation and research.
This plan rivals, or exceeds, Eisenhower’s plan by leaps and bounds. Comparatively. Considering the threats and technological developments since then.
Truthfully, we have no way of knowing what the future holds. As the intelligence community saying goes…
It is easier to predict long term trends based on the bigger picture than it is to predict the short term trends based on smaller samples of data
Meaning, It’s easier to know why China is building the Belt and Road Initiative, but it’s harder to predict when they will make a breakout and flex those blue water naval muscles.
As someone who went to an all men’s high school in Baltimore, joined the Airborne Infantry, and worked as a bouncer for several years, I can assure you one thing and one thing only.
We are in the trash talking phase before the big bar fight. The sides are lining up, fists are being made, and people are running short on cheesy one liners and “mom jokes”. The moment when everyone goes into targeting mode is coming. When they beginning to to drop their eyebrow and eyeball their targets to judge the distance and direction before the attack.
Any day, I think we are gonna wake up and see half a Battle Carrier Group limping home. Mostly on fire.
Most likely, it will be the 5th or 6th Group limping back home and converging into the other to create a large, wider, more secure BCG to RTB for refit and repairs.
At which point I hope we have control of airspace, cyberspace, and space actual.
Unfortuantly if the trends continue, I foresee this answer, the G-7 infrastructure project, becoming China’s solution to our problem. Infrastructure is a two way road (Literally…) and if the enemy breaches the gates, which it appears they have considering the Chinese Military Airbases being built in Texas, and the prevalence of Chinese goods in our schools, politics, and markets; I can only assume we are in for the long haul on the hard road.
Luckily, that road was recently resurfaced with black top; So it shouldn’t be too bumpy. (Applause)
Thanks for reading. I am going to post the intelligence brief from 2011 by Stratfor that completely drops the ball on analyzing the Chinese threat. These are the kind of people briefing our politicians and acting as subcontractors for the CIA, FBI, NSA, and DIA. And so on…
Wonder why they would do that…
What other intelligence companies were founded in 1996…
What did they know?
Why were they created?

Why ignore the obvious… How can you be so wrong… And so clearly trying to change the subject…
How did our intelligence agencies know the belt and road was being built in the early 2000’s but ignore the threat.
If you can answer that, you understand the question.
Stay Dangerous, Stay Determined, Stay Dedicated.