I grew up in Mayberry RFD. Mothers weren’t concerned where their children were. Children said yes Sir, yes Mam. Policemen were revered and respected. Soldiers were heroes. Many who could, went to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s for lunch after church. We laughed and heard stories about how hard their lives were. How they always were thankful for what they had. Socialism, Communism, drugs, sexual deviance were the dark topics of embarrassment, horror, disgust. And shamed and stamped out wherever they raised their ugliness. God was taken out of schools in the 60’s. Seedy, radical professors went from being the corrupted outlier,  to the “innovative”, and “enlightened”. Promiscuity slowly slithered in. “Let it all hang out”, they said. “It’s all about you”.

Self became the highlight.


Well, I miss my old America. I miss Grandma’s smile and wisdom. I miss the bitter old man down the road, who said he’d tell my Dad if he ever caught me doing that again.

I’m learning that the old men who used to sit on the park benches in coveralls at the court house and talk about what’s wrong with the world were right.


How do you persuade an “enlightened”, all about “me” nation to seek God in their lives?  How do we explain to a society bent on “progressive” values that going “backwards” returns us to God’s grace. And to a true fullness of life, they can find no other place?


Our time must be coming to an end. We, as believers have comfort in our hearts. But we also have sorrow.

Lord come quickly. 💔

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