I think it’s funny that these super tactical tough guys are all hustlers and grifters.

Or, they are so smart they can’t tell when someone is giving them the business.

Too much talking…

-My old Chain of Command.

Good advice.

Avoid the guys who do “Too Much Talking”.

Start with basic questions like “What’s the round count on your favorite rifle?” or “What distance did you confirm zero at” and “Show me the million dollar contracts you have with these other guys” before you hand them $500,000 in gear and gold.

Also, my headline is way better than the Intercept’s.


Ultimately, Thor says that over the years he ended up transferring a million dollars to Moore in the form of loans and various doomsday-related expenses by 2013, realizing too late that the Haven was properly equipped only to put up anxious preppers for a long weekend, but perhaps not the apocalypse. (Thor is seeking about half a million dollars in court, according to court filings.) In the agreement letter’s opening, Moore wrote that the “document serves as a guideline for both parties as we believe the underlying relationship, and like-mindedness, make this document superfluous.” Within just a few years of that sentence, the two dear friends would go on to accuse one another of an array of misdeeds, prompting a legal battle that remains unresolved today.

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