My veteran GWOT brothers have seen blast flashes that shape and size before…

Some imagery below for the uninitiated.

Call me crazy, but that is textbook “HME”.

5,000 pound “cache”…

And “Only ten pounds”.


Ten pounds of what?!?!

17 IED’s discovered?

Please don’t tell the Q folks that the number 17 came up (Again).

I am super tired of the crazy…


1 man in custody?

I think this was DDF, or, perhaps Chinese HME grade PETN?

Strong enough to push over a truck?

Gee Golly Gosh, that sounds familiar…

Poor Antifa.

The Fedbois seized their toys for the summer RevCom Block party.

RIP to this fine piece of American Made Equipment.

Prayers for the survivors. I am certain they have blurry vision and a headache still.

Video Below: “Giant M-80’s”


We just call that Dynamite in Coal County, PA…

Video Below: Looks like 30ish stories up.

Commercial floor to ceiling height is, on average, 17-22 feet.

Which is, ball park estimate, 600 feet vertical.

Enter Pythagoras and his theorem.

AKA the Carpenter’s “3-4-5” trick.

About 750-850 feet (Possibly 900-1000 feet?) range at a 45 Degree Angle.

Looks like it would still pop around 600 feet given the same fuse/time on target.

That’s 200ish meters/yards gentlemen. You confirmed zero at 300 yards/meters right?

And are confident to 500 right?

Point target for the AK is 200 meters…

A Quick lesson on Imagery/Videographic Analysis for Improvised Weapons.

AP’s math guys, please check my math; I did that in my head on the fly.

Let’s have some fun in the comments, discuss, and stretch those algebra muscles.

Interesting Times…

Thanks for reading,