All of the field manuals are back in stock and all of the pre-orders have now shipped out. I have in print:

  • FM 23-10 US Army Sniper Training Manual
  • FM 21-75 Scouting, Patrolling and Sniping, 1944
  • FM 7-93 Long Range Surveillance Unit Operations
  • Special Forces Antenna Manual
  • Survival & Evasion
  • Map Reading and Land Navigation
  • USMC Scouting and Patrolling Handbook

Each are $20 shipped, top cover spiral bound in a pocket format. They are made to be used in the field, not sit on a shelf.

I also have the IR patches back in stock, pictured above. These are custom made for me by a military contractor. They are also $20 each, shipped, and I will only ship these to US addresses.

Contact me at [email protected] for ordering instructions.

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