I really enjoyed the book linked below. There are some other documentaries below that are family friendly and make for good background noise if you need that kinda of thing.

A personal and highly original take on the history of six commercial plants, Seeds of Changeilluminates how sugar, tea, cotton, the potato, quinine, and the cocoa plant have shaped our past. In this fascinating account, the impassioned Henry Hobhouse explains the consequences of these plants with attention–grabbing historical moments. While most records of history focus on human influence, Hobhouse emphasizes how plants too are a central and influential factor in the historical process. Seeds of Change is a captivating and invaluable addition to our understanding of modern culture.


This book discusses how potatoes changed warfare because wheat rots when left out in the fields. But potatoes can be left in the ground until you need them.
The author leans a little left, but the truth is the truth. Political debates aside.
Learn how to counter these debates.
The unlinked video is about apples and is very interesting.
There are many others as well in the suggested videos feed on youtube.