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Making The “Lightning” For Your Force Multipliers

Last year I decided to get with the times and see if I could come up with alternative charging means to recharge not only my AA’s and CR123’s, but also my 9 Volt batteries for my laser range finder and heat (game) detector. My FLIR 24 which has an internal battery and recharges via micro USB also needed a way to get a boost in the field.

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Common Tasks Testing, The Army’s “Everybody” Requirement

For a number of years now, I have concentrated most of my class time on the Rural Buddy Team Essentials Course (RBTEC), because the Buddy Team is not only the core building block of any martial/defensive group, but is also what I believe is the most realistic, when it comes to how many people you will have to work with.

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The Nuke-O-Spot Report

This post concerns having a way to communicate a nuclear explosion in your area via HAM or whatever other commo device you might have available.

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