A New York man has apparently built a bomb for election day, which he planned to kill himself with on the National Mall. Paul Rosenfeld, 56, was arrested after an anonymous tip that he had not only the intent but had gathered the materials and was constructing a crude bomb from 200lbs of black powder. The FBI claims Rosenfeld wanted to draw attention to his belief in “sortition”, which is a type of direct democracy that chooses officials from a pool of elected candidates. So it shouldn’t take much to see where his political beliefs lay; if this guy was a conservative they’d never let us forget it. Since there’s also another hurricane this one will get buried just like all of the other open acts of Leftist violence. Chances are high you’ve already forgot James T. Hodgkinson. If no media outlet is willing to label this guy for what he is, then this one will. He’s a Communist. And he’s likely not alone.

What do any of you think is going to happen when the world doesn’t turn out ‘their way’? The only logical conclusion is violence- Leftists, both Communists and Anarchists, believe in the politics of the bomb. Revolutionary praxis is a real thing and they will bring the war home. There must be a logical end state. Two sides with irreconcilable political differences and one that just got beat at its own game of placing too much power in the Judicial Branch. How do you think it’ll work out?

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