An Islamic State recruit recently arrested en route to Kazakhstan has left another interesting note during questioning- he planned to aid the next US Civil War. According to, Naser Almadaoji, 19, had a relatively simple but effective plan- troll the internet while embedding child sexual abuse porn on several militia-oriented sites, then turn them into the FBI.

“When the militias see their leaders are being arrested left and right, they’ll panic,” he continued. “Then we start off assassinations … soon militias will have standoffs with the feds which will turn bloody.”

Unpossible, right? After all, that’d take the ability to post photos on sites affiliated with the Right to be able to pull off. Like an unmoderated comment section on a blog or a social media site with literally zero standards. Unpossible- people would see overt unwanted images. Steganography is a real thing and while difficult, embedding unwanted images or data into a meme (which is then downloaded data) would be the way they planned to do it. And he wasn’t alone. The idea and the training to pull it off came from somewhere.

“I imagined a scenario of the collapse of the US as a nation,” he said. “… They have alot [sic] of weak spots 2 really weak spots that would ignite the deadliest civil war on earth if the right spots are poked.”

There are some serious forces at work setting this nation on a dangerous path. Despite the outcome of an election, we not only have groups pushing for Marxist revolution but Islamic as well, and none of them will be satisfied until they have what they want. While I don’t see it calming down anytime soon, the best solution you can take is to first arm yourself and then arm yourself with training. Everyday they are preparing for a war against you and I. What have you done today to be better for tomorrow?
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