Back in the days of back to back deployments when the GWOT was hot and heavy, every Infantry unit could expect a running shipment of stuff from many supplement companies, most notably Fitness First USA. Nutrition was a constant challenge, when your options on the Patrol Base were usually limited to crates of MREs that had sat in the sun for weeks, Hot A (aka mermites) if you had it, and only the freshest goat pressure cooked to perfection on flatbread, if you trusted the locals enough. You were getting dysentery either way- pony up cowboy. Suffice to say, a lot of protein bars got sent forward.

Ian Sparks over at Battle Bars remembers it well too and we had a laugh over a couple emails about this very conversation. As most of the readers know, protein and meal replacement bars usually range from decently edible to godawful nasty- cliff bars come to mind. And he set out to make a bar that not only supplements good nutrition but, most importantly, tastes good without becoming a candy bar with protein powder like some others on the market.

They hooked it up with their flavors, blueberry yogurt (named the Blue Falcon, after those wonderful friends that would always earn you more iron mikes) and a chocolate bar (called the MOAB). Both taste great, with my slight preference for the blueberry yogurt. Its a little lighter but still works perfect for a breakfast on the run, which is where I most frequently find myself these days. The MOAB and Blue Falcon contain 25 and 21 grams of protein per bar respectively while only being 250 and 230 calories, making it a good meal replacement. Add the fact that its both a non-GMO product and gluten free, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

I’m hooked on them, and I plan on keeping a box around for my morning routine. They’re some of the best tasting bars I’ve had and its 100% Veteran owned. Try a few, you won’t be disappointed.

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