Nervous Nancy Has Lost Control of Her Crazy Party

“Sure, the Democrats’ pain is hilarious, but the fact that a major political party has surrendered itself to the zealots of an ideology that has murdered 100 million people is not so hilarious. Maybe if the socialists get in charge here, they won’t bring misery and murder. Maybe the ones in Congress now are so smart and competent that they can actually make this blood-splattered ideology work. But it’s going to be a hard sell for the Dems to get us to bet our lives on it.”

How Six Years of QE Transformed Young Americans Into Socialists

“This helpless generation will be 37% of the electorate in 2020 and more than 75% of the workforce by the mid-2020s, and “socialism” is no longer a word that is frowned upon amongst the group. With no end to their financial troubles in sight, 50% of younger Americans would prefer to live in a socialist country. To make matters worse, 37% of Americans as a whole are now leaning towards a socialist over a capitalist economy.”


I’ve actually started to listen to AOC. Not simply out of a perverse need to be part of the crowd surrounding a circus-freak cum Congresswoman. I listen to her speeches and soundbites because I lift heavier and run harder when I hear the absolute certainty in her voice. I generally avoid political predictions, but I vehemently disagree with the large number of older people chuckling into their sleeves and waiting for the show to end. You are seeing the future, and it is now. Welcome the latchkey kids and safe space generation, as they pry the arthritic fingers of their parents off the levers of power.

The Omars and Cortez’s are not some one-of brought to you by Minnesotastan and Babylon, er, NYC. Rather, they are representative of how your kids think. Not all of us, but enough to walk eyes wide shut into a war, boxcars, or both. AOC is masterful with her manipulation of the media, and while older generations may see a huge disconnect with her, the younger generation does not. How you see her, they have seen most of the older political kingmakers for most of their voting life. Rather, an entire segment of largely Democrat voters have felt the same way about Pelosi and her peers, given the fact that most of them are the age of my grandparents…and I’m on the bleeding edge of the generation. We are entirely unaware of this America that Pelosi or Bush or Kristol or some of you, are even talking about. The same reason Trump was so popular with the younger right, is precisely the reason Cortez is. Her certainty, her ability to unify people who see themselves as marginalized around a grand vision, cannot be taught. Pelosi has lost control of her party.

The SXSW speech solidified my sneaking suspicion that her and those she is coalescing around her is a clear and present danger. Granted it’s Burning Man for the wealthy, white and triggered, as well as the worthless intelligentsia, she drew howls of support and solidified her rockstar status. Her spot on the intersectional spectrum aside, she brings a unifying vision to a demographic the left has taken for granted. It’s simply not enough to be pragmatic and inch your opponent back a year at a time in this instant, second by second digital existence those under 40 live in. Just like Trump, her followers can excuse the lack of decorum and mistakes, and more importantly the utter lack of any financial basis for her legislative resolutions. Cortez is driving the conversation, and thus far she is acting much faster than Pelosi can react. She has unilaterally shaped the candidates and positions of the 2020 presidential candidates. Unless a spectacular example can be made of her soon, the solid blue counties and districts are going to have primary challengers as others flow through the breach that was created in 2018. Underestimate her political acumen and appeal at your own peril. I don’t think a lot of people on the right or the 70-something neocons and democrats understand my generation. It’s not 2024, it’s 2019, just in case you forgot. This is real. This is serious. This is the future…and this happening. What are you going to do about it?

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