Mass protests are scheduled in Venezuela as conditions have continued to deteriorate under the socialist Maduro regime. Although the rally in Barquisimeto was cancelled due to opposition party leader Juan Guaido being restricted from travelling outside the nation’s capital, mass unrest is planned for Wednesday which could be the spark for a larger internal action. Simultaneously expect a large scale crackdown on part of the government against those protesting for a society free of socialist nepotism, incompetence and oppression. Merco Press reports:

“Today we had a meeting planned, were going to embrace the streets of Lara that filled from end to end,” Guaido said in a voice recording sent by his press team, referring to Lara state, home to Barquisimeto. He said he would reschedule the event for next weekend, and called on supporters to rally on Wednesday.

“Today the dictatorship blocked the path, the dictatorship did not allow us to arrive in Barquisimeto, but it will not prevent us from seeing each other.”

It should be noted that the 1st of May, otherwise known as May Day, is a celebrated day of international communism. Venezuela is the latest example of the “it will work next time!” thinking that hallmarks socialist arguments. An objective failure by everyone’s standards, the nation should be among the wealthiest in the world in terms of oil production. And due to that fact, it has become a further segue along with Cuba for the growing Russian and Chinese influence in the region. Maduro has accused Guaido and his supporters of being puppets of western imperialism as a convenient scapegoat for his own regime’s failures. After all, how does a bus driver with no personal achievement become a multi-millionaire? At the expense of his nation, that’s how.

Venezuela stands as a potential flashpoint in the the next cold war- between the US and the Chinese/Russian alliance. Either they will expand their influence into the Americas and continue to flood our borders with unskilled and violent proletariat or we can gain a handle on it, while greatly securing our borders. A Venezuela with a quick victory by Guaido in the upcoming conflict is the best outcome- but its going to be a fight to get there. And don’t count out the FARC just next door in Colombia. Their near future may also be ours, with the same social forces in action.

Get prepared folks.