The resounding success of socialism continues to shine as Cuba now announces new food rationing as the economic crisis in Venezuela has put a severe strain on their already fragile supply system. This move is a further indication that the communist grasp on the people of Cuba is weakening, and hope for change to a Free Market Capitalist system is certainly alive. According to CBS:

The Cuban government announced Friday it is launching widespread rationing of chicken, eggs, rice, beans, soap and other basic products in the face of a grave economic crisis. Commerce Minister Betsy Díaz Velázquez told the state-run Cuban News Agency that various forms of rationing would be employed in order to deal with shortages of staple foods.

The communists lay blame at US sanctions, citing specifically the new embargo placed upon the government of Cuba for its role in aiding the Maduro regime in Venezuela. Perhaps this new round has placed a squeeze upon their economic system, but this cannot negate the rampant problems the Cubans already face. Duetche Welle continues:

Cuba, which imports 60% to 70% of its food, already has a system of rationing, but additional amounts are available at higher “liberated” prices. The new rules would ensure that all those foods would be rationed.

“Liberated” prices and additional amounts are reflective of the nepotism that hallmarks socialism in practice- everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others. But with that said there is hope for the Cuban people to overthrow a repressive government that has served as an agent of repression. There are cracks in the foundation that will in time lead to freedom.