As I sit and type this while smoking a Dominican Montecristo #2 and sipping a cold bourbon, I’m monitoring the various live feeds coming in from both Venezuela via the social media still active (despite the Chinese efforts to shut it down) and the ongoing Yellow Vest riot in France. All the while the Barr testimony demonstrates the Left’s willingness to repeat a lie until it is truth. Amid a backdrop of a border in crisis and a flood of invaders from Central America organized at least in part by Pueblo Sin Fronteras, and receiving aid from the communist Chinese, it would seem that the international socialist cancer we warned about is coming to fruition. Their reality may very well be a peek into the future. And it is thus why American Partisan launched exactly one year ago- to provide a resource for those on the side of freedom in preparation for that day when the awakening to reality finally occurs in America.

It is said that a nation needs three things to exist; language, culture and borders. Throughout the last thirty years the United States has indeed underwent a transformation from the time of Reagan which has held the objective of erasing all three. The Marxist International recognized long ago that in order for the Revolution to defeat Capitalism the very borders of each nation had to be erased. In America the organized Left has worked diligently to either block or nullify any measure which would prevent an open border policy, while offering amnesty to anyone in open violation of the law. Now where we find ourselves as a nation is exactly on the path planned long ago. The United States could not be destroyed from the outside- we had to be destroyed from within. Top down, bottom up, inside out.

Every revolutionary movement has found a natural home around the college campus. It was the Jacobin educated in the French Colleges that sought people’s revolution against their Monarch and then crushed any resistance to their own ill-begotten rule. Seeking to rid France of Christianity and calling themselves the Cult of Reason, they even desecrated Notre Dame by dismantling the altar and creating the “altar of liberty.” Consider Notre Dame and the state of the West today. It was Hegel who inspired many among the intelligentsia of Europe in the many revolutionaries to follow and shaping the movements to come, including Marx, who infamously declared the young Hegelians, or followers of Hegel’s philosophy, to be useless with no application- praxis. And with that, Marxist revolution was born. It must be noted that a Marxist only sees the world through a dichotomy; the materialist conception of history which must be destroyed, and the revolution which signifies the progress into true human liberation. Anything that violates this must be destroyed. There will be no challenge to the revolution; you must be disarmed. These ideals continued well into the 20th Century with perhaps the most influential Marxist philosopher in contemporary academia, Antonio Gramsci. Frail and in prison most of his life, it was Gramsci’s theory of hegemony which has inspired the current day academic to create the culture among our institutions of higher learning. Its premise is simple: ruling ideas shape the ruled culture. And if you can change former, you will change a society. Dwell on that next time you contemplate the arguments made by the contemporary Left. For Gramsci, the lone way to achieve this aim is through absolute control of the academic institutions and the rest will follow. Control the influence upon the minds, you will control the future. It should be no great surprise when we awaken to learn our top law enforcement and intelligence agencies are irreparably skewered towards the Left.

In order for a successful counter-revolution to begin, the people with the most to lose in a Revolution, the marketplace man, must be made to understand that theirs is a culture worth fighting to preserve. It is for that reason the middle class is targeted with such heavy Marxist influence, however quietly and subtle while not being immediately recognizable. Much more than a one dimensional preservation of one right or another, the counter-revolution requires duties to be exercised in defense of said right. The right to free speech would entail a duty of having something to say. The right to arms in defense of liberty accompanies a duty to exercise that right as thus. Curious, that. The Marxist understands this and circumvents it as soon as they attain power, while gaslighting the assurance of freedom undefined as liberty through liberation. And in that regard it is the aim of American Partisan to foment the very real counter-revolution brewing, juxtaposed with the slide into Marxist utopia we currently find ourselves.

America, and thus the West, is a thing worth fighting to keep. Perhaps corrupted at this moment in time, but not without hope for a future. Capitalism and the right to property and prosperity are a thing worth fighting for. Perhaps flawed at times and never perfect, America represents the very best of humanity. It is a light that will not be extinguished by the useless idiots and puppet politicians who espouse everything to the contrary. American Partisan stands firmly against the rising tide of communism and supports genuine Liberty, which is an ideal worth saving. To those fighting for their freedom in Venezuela and France, abroad and here at home, it is my mission- our mission– to give the very best. On this May Day, understand that the Left is actively seeking their revolution here. And the fight hasn’t yet begun. But it ain’t far off and it takes more than words. 



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