In a video that surfaced on Sunday, Venezuelan Air Force General Ramon Rangel called for the nation’s military to revolt against the Maduro regime and liberate the nation from the grasp of the communist regime both in Venezuela and Cuba.

As events in Venezuela have unfolded, the mass protests at the beginning of May did not lead to a general uprising as had been expected. While there have been defections among enlisted troops of both the nation’s military and national police force, the primary officers commanding troops did not defect- or rather, those that had planned to were uncovered by the intelligence apparatus of those keeping Maduro in power, leading Juan Guaido’s calls for mass uprising to move forward a day early. Many of the key movements on the government end were not in place, leading the uprising to mostly fizzle and brought a certain level of discredit to the freedom forces.

General Rangel himself had already defected and fled to Colombia last month according to the articles by Task & Purpose and Rueters. While its doubtful that this move will have an immediate impact, its one more example of the fractures in  Maduro’s grasp on power. There will indeed be a change, and perhaps the next time things will follow more closely to the plan. If you’re going to overthrow the guy in charge, you’ve only got one real shot, so you better make it count.