For you ham radio operators out there that never participate in amateur radio contests you will want to do this one.

The 13 Colonies contest is a fun contest held from 0900 hrs. eastern July 1 through 1159. hrs eastern July 7, 2019.

I very seldom participate in contests other than the Pennsylvania QSO party and of course the ARRL Field Day event however as of last year, I have added this contest to my dance card.

This contest is just my speed. I set up my radio, antenna, and then walk away. Over the days I come back to the radio, usually with a nice adult beverage in hand, when I have some free time to work some stations. No fuss no muss Brothers and Sisters.

Last year I QSO’d with all 13 Colonies and one of the two extra point stations all on 5-watts. I used my Yaesu 817nd, a multi-band dipole antenna at the redoubt, and while at my Mom’s July 3-4, a DIY QRP antenna. I was able to get the end of the QRP antenna up a tree ~30-feet and I sloped the wire in the direction I wanted to TX/RX, at about a 45-degree angle to the tree trunk.

The only station I could not make a QSO with was the station in Great Britain GB13COL. I RX’d the station at a 4/9 but I would dip into the weeds when I tried to make the QSO.

This year I am going to use a OCF (Off Center Fed) or Windom antenna I have been working up. More on that to come. Again, I will use my 817 and TX at 5-watts. The reason being; when you throw in “QRP” at the end of your call, the RXing station typically calls out the QRP station when their is a pileup. QRP stations have priority over higher wattage stations. Sneaky huh?

The link above includes all that you need, e.g. log sheets, list of stations, bands & modes, etc. When I turned in the log sheet, I include $5.00 for a donation.

Please share your results here in the comments section during and after the contest.

73 & God Bless

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