WHO has now confirmed Ebola has spread to Uganda. While the good news is that Uganda is in a much better position to manage the virus than the Congo, with 4700 health workers being vaccinated according to the article, the bad news is that the virus is still nowhere near containment and likely will not be in the Congo. An ISIS aligned group, the “Allied Democratic Forces” have been carrying out attacks along with other various militias, causing further instability in an already bad situation. Add to the mix 350 illegals from the Congo crossing our border from Mexico. Not screened, not examined, but fear not- they’ll be registered to vote in no time. Top people are on it. Top. People.

From my friend at the Red Cross:

[There] are now three confirmed cases in Uganda. And the US Government has released over a hundred illegal border hoppers from the Congo into Texas. If you do not have at least 6 months of food put by RIGHT NOW, start shopping and do so. If this gets out of Africa to these presently United States, you will not want to go to the grocery store during an outbreak. It may be that this Ugandan outbreak will be contained and fizzle out. And it may not.

We will not know for about another 3 weeks to a month. If this is contained for now, then there will be no new cases in Uganda in a month. Sooner or later, however, this outbreak is likely to expand and get established outside the Congo. Be prepared to isolate yourself and your family for an extended period.

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