If you’ve ever wondered just where the level of training is for Mexico’s most notorious Cartels, browse this article outlining the training of hitmen (real life Sicarios) by the Jalisco Cartel New Generation. “You see how they kill people, taste human flesh, you live in terror.” the interviewee exclaims at the beginning.

Once inside, the armed men took their cell phones and stripped them. “They had some car batteries. They got us wet and made us grab the terminals. So, if you had a GPS [Global Positioning System device] hidden inside you, it would burn. The shock was so strong that I practically peed,” Francisco explained.

And that’s just the inprocessing. Then there’s the whole taste of human flesh thing. Not for the weak or feint of heart. But on the other hand its a visceral depiction of what one element of the opposition is doing. And make no mistake, they’re here and when the time is right they’ll take what they want just like they’ve done in Mexico.


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