Often when we think of terror groups coming from the Left, groups like AntiFa and Worker’s World Party come to mind, and rightfully so. But there’s other groups just as dangerous if not more so, due primarily to their dedication to sabotage of the national infrastructure. Remember back just a few years ago to transformers being shot in California? This crowd is one of the top suspects. Speaking for themselves:

Note that they’ve mentioned actively recruiting former military. If for nothing else, they have a professional approach and a realistic picture of goals- which of course includes destroying capitalism. In their words, “The sooner this thing collapses, the better.” I’m all for rewilding, sustainability and localism as much as possible, but not to the extreme of destroying whole swaths of the population- which, should they get their wish, would absolutely happen.

And of course, they’re training:

This is just one branch of the same marxian tree, actively working towards the destruction of personal liberty, your freedoms, and our way of life. Because to them, your existence comes at a cost to someone else. Which is why to them you’re not entitled to borders, culture, or personal property. And these people will act, because they cannot risk stagnation or regression- their revolution cannot allow for it.

What are you doing toady to be better prepared for tomorrow?